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GTA Trilogy: So much playing time awaits you in the collection

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a collection of video games created by David Jones as well as by the Sam brothers and Dan House er. It was initially created by the British company MA Layout, which ultimately occurred to be called Rock star North, from the Superstar Gaming firm. Grand Theft Auto informs the tale of various lawbreakers as well as even if they are several, for a factor they are connecting as well as enveloping even more characters as time passes. Typically, the protagonists are antiheroes. It is considered a high game in physical violence, so it is suggested only for youngsters old.

Rockstar Games bring with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition back three popular titles of the series in a new guise. In the three parts is GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. In each of these games you can sink into potentially for hours as a player — even if whopping 40 songs were deleted from the games.

If you get in one package all three, so the question arises, how much time you as well can poke a whole. This we will discuss below.

How much playing time has the GTA Trilogy?

On the side howlongtobeat can enter your times for playing through various titles players. There are different categories, such as Main story where there really is only relevant as long as you have needs for ending the story, or Completions at which specifies how long time for the 100% Experience of the Title became.

So you can also come up with approximate values ​​for the entire Trilogy based on the experience and output data of the players for the individual title.

How long is GTA 3?

Let s just look at the sequentially at times and begin GTA 3. For the main story, players need here an average of 15 hours and 31 minutes. If you really want to see everything that the title has to offer, you can, however, expect about 41 hours.

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These values ​​can vary greatly to players of course, players. So is the longest time that was specified for the complete vision of the title, about 80 hours or less twice as much as the average.

Depending on whether you are a rather slow or fast player, so you have to correspondingly more or less plan. The average should be a good guideline for most players though.

How long is GTA Vice City?

We come next to GTA Vice City. Here, the value for the main story is 19 hours and the completion its should expect about 44 hours. In comparison to GTA 3 or slightly more, but not really a significant difference.

How long is GTA San Andreas?

Quite different looks that when you look at GTA San Andreas. Here one needs alone for the Main Story 31 hours and 30 minutes, whereas everything to experience a demanded even about 84 hours. For the third title in the league, so you can plan about as much time as for the first two together.

season of the GTA Trilogy

Now if you look at the whole package, so you come for the pure story content to about 66 hours for the three-time achievement of 100% can be expected with 169 hours. Those are values ​​that can be seen!

In addition, we have looked at us, as we could the minimum and maximum values ​​of the GTA Trilogy look. If one (except Speed runs) the three fastest game runs together calculated to get for all three titles to about 42 hours.

The sum of the three respective slowest player comes to massive 383 hours. You can, if you let yourself much time, so much still to get more playing time from the GTA Trilogy than you my love.

Recently we asked you the way, which is your favorite GTA game. The result was pretty straightforward.

When the GTA Trilogy appear?

GTA: The Trilogy: Definitive Edition released today for PC, PS 5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. 2022 followed by a version for mobile devices.

Benjamin Eichmann author & Lukas Schmidt Editorial manager 11/11/2021 14:28


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