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IT business subcontractor to railway construction and satin conflicts

A lot of the Indonesian trains are in Java, and are made use of both for the transport of passengers and merchandise. There are three non-continuous rail networks in Sumatra (Ace and also North Sumatra, Western Sumatra, South Summer as well as Camping), while 2 brand-new networks are being developed in Kalimantan as well as Sulawesi. Indonesia has just recently finished its national rail network strategy. According to the plan, 3,200 kilometers of railways that will go across the islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan as well as Sulawesi, has actually been ranked as one of the most considerable railway job in Indonesia since its independence from the Dutch in 1945. The metropolitan railroad exists in the kind of traveler train in Jakarta, Bandung as well as Surabaya. In Jakarta and also Palembang new fast and lightweight transport systems are being introduced. Although when traveling of Indonesia circulate left wing, the majority of the railway lines do it on the right as a result of the Dutch impact. Indonesia s width is 1,067 mm, although formerly there were lines of 1,435 mm as well as 750 mm. The new buildings in Sumatra, including Ace, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papa, together with the Jakarta ART, utilize the 1.435 mm size. The majority of the Jakarta cosmopolitan area is energized with 1500 V continuous present. The Railways of Indonesia are primarily exploited by the Karma API Indonesia state business (KAI), its traveler subsidiary Kai Traveler and the Railway Web link subsidiary with Kai Bandana Flight Terminal. The infrastructure is of state-owned, and business pay a canon for making use of the railways. In Java and also Sumatra there are several narrow industrial cable cars that serve the sugar walking cane and also oil palm markets.

Korea Railway Corporation and the National Railway Facility Corporation issued the IT system business in the private sector, and the business completion is delayed over 11 months than the original plan, It was shown.

Some sincere companies are worried to bankruptcy.

The business is Railway Facility History Management Comprehensive Information System (Lesson Management System, RAFTS). It is the purpose of digitally managing the total life cycle history information of railway facilities in charge of railway construction. Due to the nature of the railway business, it was ordered in the Railway Industrial Complex, not the Railway Corporation. The business period was from April 2018 to December 20, 2020.

The problem is that the conflict between the railway construction and the railway satin for some functions in the system is that more than 11 months longer than the original plan, but the business is not completed.

Because of this, it is not possible to pay the total business expense of W18.9bn. The company is working with a conservative for three years.

One subcontracting company said, Even if there are only 10 related employees, a month, a month, is 35 million won, and if it is 10 months, it is equal to the amount that it should be received from the client, which is $350 million, said the deficit, I am experiencing, he said.

Because these companies have worked for more than two years, the reason why they are not balanced because they did not balance because they have completed the overall system, but in the supervision stage, this function was determined because this feature was missing.

Railway Corporation and Railroad Corporate officers have commanded their requirements according to their requirements, and to ignore the needs of the institutions that are different from each other. It was virtually impossible to implement all of them in a desired manner as long as you have to pass.

Business Failure The supervision cause is not this provider, not the two institutions.

The function is a function of computerizing all the details spent in railway facilities management. In the initial business request, the Railway Corporation was able to manage all the contents stored in the history management system in the Railway Industrial Complex, but the railway construction was against this.

The two institutions have been consulted constantly to coordinate the disagreement of the history management system and operations, but they have not concluded that more than two years of business periods have been concluded. The Ministry of Land, Transport, which is the top period, was not active to lead consultations.

The subcontractors have eventually had to build two systems at the same time. The two institutions are to respond when at any time consultation. However, the loss of additional costs that occur during the construction process could not be guaranteed. In addition, until the system deployment, the two ministries were not combined, and eventually subcontractors have finished the system without functioning.

The suffering of these companies did not end up on what they did not receive business.

An official of the applicant said, It was a situation that a penalty of 618 million won is piled up until completing the business for the reason that the system could not be constructed within the period.

He added, I have been responsible for the business that I have not completed properly.

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The financial companies that are donated to the funds argued that Costs that have not been executed until the end of the contract and the cost of 10 months of expenses must be paid to the extension of the 10-month business.

Korean Railway Corporation said, I know that companies participated in the business are suffering, he said, he said, he said.


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