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LOL: VI and CAITLYN; Couple or love triangle in Arcane and the Lore?

Caitlyn Marie Jenner (birthed October 28, 1949, in Mount Disco, New York City as William Bruce Jenner) is an American sport as well as TV personality. At the 1976 Olympics, she won, back then as a male, the gold medal in the decathlon as well as held the ten-fight globe record. Since 2007 she gets involved in the truth television series Staying on par with the Kardashians. In 2015, Jenner announced to be a trans woman. Since June of the same year, she utilizes the women given name Caitlyn. It has considering that the primary character in the fact television series I am Wait.

The last episodes of the first season of Arcane have been released, and the fans were able to discover the continuation of the adventures of Jayce, Caitlyn and Jinx. While new characters have appeared and the plot has grown as densely as history has been advancing, many questions remain unanswered. Although we are not really in the small newspapers of Riot and Article, we can be quite sure that at least one more season will arrive to respond to all our questions, so time will seem very long before If I can discover the rest.

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Among the questions we make, there is one that captivates, despite its lightness. What is VI sexual orientation? When looking at Arcane, many shipped with Caitlyn, the Sheriff apprentice. But personal desire or real Canon, what can we really say when seeing the series and entering the universe of League of Legends? As a reminder, there is already at least one champion that officially belongs to the LGBTQ + community in the Universe of Runeterra: Need, although we could also add Virus, Name, Leona and Diana could fit into this list.

In the series: Obvious tension or love triangle?

From the second act, Arcane began to play with our imagination. The duo VI — CAITLYN, that the opposite of the base began to burst the screen with moments of complicity and complementarity. The first, born in dust, stood out on the exalted side of her and her will always hurry between the crowd. The second, born with a silver spoon in the mouth, is (a little) more reflective. But as we say, the opposite poles attract, and we could only appreciate this surprising double that in definitive share many points in common: taste for action, human values, fight against injustice and attraction for marginality.

loving tension was also felt when the faces of the two heroines approached dangerously, the first one in the Burden of the low city (a very romantic scenario for a first date) and the Second when the shooter was helping I saw his wounds. It was so obvious that even jinx was jealous of this budding relationship. Always so possessive with her sister, she did not see this incipient romance with very good eyes and appointed Caitlin as the bride of VI. Of course, apart from the hugs and hand, we really did not have other physical elements to use them as evidence, so we will have to wait a little longer to know if the two young people are really couple. Also, put a nickname, in this case cake, it is not a tangible and definitive proof.

Jayce You could well land in this story and create a love triangle with multiple possibilities. Childhood friend of Caitlin, the series has shown us that the two trust, are respected and appreciated each other. In addition, although it is still very slight, we could also feel a certain complicity between the inventor and I saw during the act 3. It was brief but intense among them, with some verbal fights and above all a similarity in their way of thinking. In any case, this is not enough for us to talk and, in any case, Arcane does not plan to make the sexual orientation of VI the main theme. But if we base ourselves mainly in the series, we tend to think about it rather lesbian and possibly bisexual.

in the lore of League of Legends: A deliberate ambiguity

Obviously, there is also no decisive element in the biography of vi, Jayce or Caitlyn that you guide us a little more about the sexual orientation of the fighter. The developers seem to have especially enjoyed mix the waters to unleash the imagination of the community. We are not going to complain about that and Arcane writers also have a lot of margin to choose their own path.

We noticed in particular in the secret story The interrogation of VI, who hopes to have had an erotic dream with a person whose gender we do not know, given that it is interrupted at the fateful moment. Furthermore, we also learned about the official biography of Caitlin that the two young people are the object of some of the craziest rumors, which surely involves the nature of its relationship. All this, therefore, remains very mysterious, and we can not give a definitive answer for the time being.

Skins and aspects in common within the game

As for Skins, we notice that the duo and the triangle are also very present. But again, there is not enough evidence to have a clear idea of ​​the nature of the relationship between the three champions.

Line of aspects of Official: VI and CAITLYN Line of aspects gallant: Jayce and vi Line of aspects of Resistance: Caitlyn and Jayce

Vi x Caitlyn Moments || Arcane League of Legends || Maki Akira Line of aspects of Combat Academy: Jayce and Caitlin

We find combinations in all directions and the possibilities of duo are numerous. That is why it is always very difficult to see more clearly, and we may have to wait for the second season to appease our curiosity. Original of MGG FR


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