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Skyrim: Many fans do not know that: You can build spider grenades without mod

Benefits as weapons — that works in Skyrim not only against persons with arachnophobia. We can convert the eight-legged to cool throwing shot with practical properties. Only that many long-standing players inside nothing knew how to point to Reddit. There a fan has shared his new discovery, which is strictly not new. Among other things, the spider grenades can control opponents or fall on them and explode. Here you will learn more about it.

Spinning than weapons

It s about it: In Skyrim there is a mechanics with which you can build spider grenades that are useful in combat — and that without a mod. That s not an innovation, but how to talk about Reddit in the Comments to a corresponding post shows, even some long-standing fans did not know about it.

Awareness control by spider — How it works: User nuclear bubble explains that it is possible to combine albino spinning instruments with souls to get special spiders that let themselves be thrown on opponents. You have different effects. In the case of one of the variants shown, we can control the thoughts made enemies so that they fight for us for 30 seconds.

In order to produce these thoughts controlling spider, it needs an albino spider background and a black soul stone. But there are other variants, such as the exploding poison spider, which collapses itself on opponents and then flies into the air with them.

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The community reacts

In such great monster games like Skyrim, it is difficult to know every detail, as well as Kelsofox369 at Reddit with the following claim suggests:

Lol, every person who says, I know everything and did everything in Skyrim, lies. There is always something new to discover or do something new.

That the fan is at least not completely wrong, shows up many comments. Blikmonte01 expresses, for example, astonishment:

You can do something!?

And also Fusion agrees:

Serious. I have this game since the release. I bought it on 3 platforms. Furthermore, I have over 1000 hours in it. Furthermore, I never found out.

Of course, some fans, for whom the cold coffee is. However, it is possible, however, that this in turn does not know another knee. So there are always discoveries that cause Reddit for a stir.

Have you already thrown wildly with modified spinning around you or is this mechanics new? And do you think you know all exciting details from Skyrim?


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