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GTA-Publisher attacks indie

GTA-Publisher Take-Two is against one of the best games of the year with an omission prompt. The legal step encounters at Gamer non Reddit on incomprehension and ensures loud criticism.

The Loop Adventure IT TAKES Two counts this year not only in the face of the rather thin bidding on convincing top games to the few light looks. Developer Haze light has told the couple game a charming, entertaining and emotional history for two players — but the small studio must fight against a legal attack of GTA-Publisher Take-Two. The reason for the feud ensures Reddit for mockery.

Take-Two against IT Takes Two

Developer Haze light wanted to register the rights on the name of the game, IT TAKES Two, to release in March. A recent document now shows that Publisher Take-Two has filed an omission request at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the occasion — because of the name similarity between game and publisher. (Source: Euro gamer)

On Reddit, Gamers react with incomprehension and John for the legal step by Take-Two. Commentators Throw the company petty and malicious behavior before and ask the meaningfulness of the omission request. For most, it does not open how the extremely common English words Take and Two can be legally protected by a company and to be used as the basis for such a measure. (Source: Reddit)

What's that supposed to (...)? There is no copyright infringement, nobody confuses the game and the company, and it costs take-two either sales. It looks really meaningless. (Reddit User Flintlok1721)

Take-Two Is DMCA Striking GTA Mods

It's not a copyright injury, you would absolutely lose the case if it was in court. The problem is that small businesses do not have the money or resources to take a dispute, so give them small or change the name, It is essentially extortion. (Reddit User Bobodog1)

Ah yes, it's so nice to see how such a talented and promising developer is one of the best, most creative and refreshing games of recent years to be taken apart from a groundless action by a gigantic company. Just another day in the industry. (Reddit User BenevolentHeese)

GTA-Publisher repeatedly goes against small companies

The copyright projection against IT TAKES Two is far from the first omission request from Take-Two. In recent months, the company has been extremely aggressive against small companies, even if they have no connection to the video game industry. Among other things, the publisher also took small companies into the crosshair, which wear the words Mafia, Civilization and Rock star in the name.

How it will continue with the case of It Takes Two, is not clear yet. Haze light could, for example, change the name of the game, challenging the request or to give the entry of naming rights.

In our video we show you how you can climb along the walls with nail and hammer in It Takes Two:

GTA-Publisher Take-Two has triggered a dispute due to naming rights to the Loop Adventure IT TAKES Two. Commentators on Reddit react anything but excited about the message and criticize the Publisher sharp.


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