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Paradise, hare, hawk-end online online game showcase

This year in December was a major domestic online games have drawn a roadmap of upcoming and finished the year 2022 showcase the moon. Many games, but communicate with the user through the year-end closing, among them the 11th raised the black desert knife peon start the party with four large online game Maple Story to 23 Showcase subsequently proceeded to drag the expectations of online gamers.

In the aftermath of the corona 19 as an offline event price, the hot user interest in the game. Showcase for the time of up to 9 hours blows enough to hold up to hundreds of thousands of gamers. However, user reviews of each showcase geukmyeonghi galryeotda. Been released from the acclaimed straight stance and providing a clear roadmap, there is a game showing a rather unfortunate appearance in content. Does the evaluation took Galindo replace what reason? Mecca Games will analyze the situation and of showcase presentation that faced major domestic online games, and had time to introduce the future direction of the game.

One. 2021 Black Desert knife peon Banquet (PC / console)

Start the game broke the sign of the Black Pearl Abyss MMORPG was a desert. Throughout the successive events recorded the longest running time 2021 Carl peon parties to disclose new information as a whole and the captured information that improves the user's complaints and convenience. On the 11th PC / console and mobile events around total of 12 days 9 hours progressed this event was awarded an interest to communicate with the user occupies most of the time.

Roadmap gave the Black Desert show was clearly simple. The endless winter mountains' who have public information for approximately two years starting dead one of God's innocent of La Press car pitches, autumn based on new equipment 'Black Stars secondary weapon, a black desert Most prestigious hunting' thinking Were sleeping tomb which is the drop in 'Devereaux Greta Belt, including new items that will be announced dagger added. Rather than from one level to a whole new user except the snowy mountains where you can experience the content information existing users will likely be interested in the finished state.

In addition to convenience, but indicated that many users have made massive patch was required, was somewhat unsatisfactory to shave In terms of disclosure of new information. Now called the new patch information, which is considered the endless winter mountain almost unique. Orientation of the 2021 Black Desert knife peon banquet this basis can be considered as' cares to attract new users, but existing users to focus a little more.

Of course, but detailed roadmap is part of becoming the future direction of the have not been publicly wondered, when I saw only the public information showed the willingness massive improvement of information who we are uncomfortable existing users early next year to Carl peon Banquet episodes 2 and mid-Heidelberg banquet. Reflecting a lot of improvements users will desire a desire to dwaeteumyeon conference is taking place in a more bright there in 2022.


18 What was the date on which the game industry attention. Because it was the last summer 'LOA on mini' second showcase 2021 Lost Ark aroused a great response from. Users have yielded many more expected hardest pouring, a number of sensitive issues, including the gold inflation and cyber floating clearance climbed in recent issues were addressed. Most of the problems and solutions enabling description was the director directly after cooking, many users are spared from popular points jyeotdaneun informative contents spilled over to breathe without a break in the epic eight hours.

Orientation of the Lost Ark in 2022 through a public LOA ON WINTER is a horizontal development of the story and a fun center. Diego year-end launch of four or content 'gundanjang Raid', it was raised the final content in the entry-level 1400 to 1560 dramatically over. This user level is due to the remnants of the past, whereas I did not only rise endlessly, entry level 1400 (Argos 3 gateway) of the final content. She was such a choice can not help to quickly make up for the lack of content 'issues. Lost Arc finishing the primary maintenance has to be said that the upcoming patch the main horizontal direction rather than vertical patch in 2022.

Typically, it is accelerated to such story progress new continent 'Rowan and Elgar cyan, see Dyke, player object. Compared with 20 years this year since there was no new areas south of Borne 'Updated December 30 is very higher concentration. Also, it was a dagger to play content that users can easily enjoy showcase. Do not promote only vertical rising level increases the level of matching cut, it has more to pursue the original game fun is embedded jotgetdaneun this means.

Like a director geumgangseon enjoy the challenge, in 2022 is expected to lead to a challenge of the Lost Ark and development team for the horizontal joy. Of course, a point Alan 'and' Carmen 'Given that the two gundanjang also, but ahead of the sortie, the current very high-end content of Fantasy gundanjang Oh barrel system Clear the ratio of hard-5,6 gateways to the challenge now is the best rigid.

Recently donated matrix may lead the user through the Lost Ark Studios hope. Lost Ark is playing games with the user, because launched a 'romantic' game, which once again reminds the appearance of which communicate with each other. Lost dreams a wider range popularized through a horizontal arc challenge is there not expect to be able to show some form in 2022.

3 . Dungeon & Fighter Festival 2021

This year Dungeon & Fighter Festival (hereinafter done) was as good as a pro basin. Rather, weighted by the year done not solve the user's complaints, it is again evident because the commonly called 'Dark Ages'. The Dun haeteotgo Faro ON Although the reorganization in 2021 SUMMER out the souls of the leads in the past on random farming 'and' Price homework, Gamer noted, the public opinion worsening conditions in subsequent issues himself, was not back. But speaking from the results of this year is done and was generally acclaimed one color except for some concern.

A crucial element in the atmosphere of the recent formation of the user expectations were also heightened Donna yunmyeongjin director. Run, director of pay point out the inherent problems of the current Donna based on a high understanding of the game, hinted that it would improve. In particular, he is a popular one remark would escape the Boss aspects reminiscent of inhibiting patterns and tone the final boss of the game content game gotta establish a raid gradually began to emerge. The Second Dungeon former main content and true: because as noninvasive my intention to introduce the ancient dungeon style battle mode was lighting the appearance of the 'past' made 'the golden age of Donna.

Easing the burden on the items Charming also has a role. Avoid falling value of the existing item level cap off and remove the two sets of equipment to be utilized in various combinations were given the freedom to set options by filling in a single instrument. Who is also part of the user are given good rating to scrape the receiving part of the stress, and it was actually part of a compelling insight of the present and enjoy the game director.

In addition, a number of plans, including expansion and man rep South Assault Gunner new job, strengthen / improve and amplify content reduction, synergies were removed showcase. This move, feeling that, ahead of the major improvements gala the knife also, on the other hand, the event was also created doubts remain that could properly proceed with all these things. But Certainly overcoming the grim past in the past and prepare for the new wave that will throw jump.

It is a game-changing 16 years service in a day closer to impossible that you want to change, and endlessly accommodating user opinion deserves to live high. Right to sell the 2022 Dun and wanted to shed looked past accommodate a good thing and a bad thing resolutely cases. The four went yunmyeongjin moon time 'looks at the journey Daegu a beneficial interest travel.

4. Tapestry Destiny Showcase

Maple Story Winter Showcase was conducted with a focus on providing information rather than communication. The vast majority of advanced approximately one hour jyeoteuni said event information consists of updates and improved ease of presentation. 14 kinds of adventurers was remastered main menu, but can be considered perfect, was overheard point that the efforts to reduce unreasonable that each job, such as adding new skills and improving effects, preliminary work has decreased.

But this was also a showcase to pour worried voices mixed in several parts. The representative point is updated. 14 kinds of adventurers remake is also in contrast to wait manhadaneun opinion, but slower than planned schedule, was less about the content of interest here is new and from a variety of showcase of the content through a handful roadmap is that in the majority of users are paying bulk.

250 The ether Nell equipment here is also very limited men to get the material before determinate its effectiveness, the new boss' supervisor Carlos, also a similar vein. The long term, lower the value of the current set of arcane shade termination equipment also raised opinions, but this also is talk of the distant future. Overall was a patch for an existing user rather than new lines was lower user satisfaction is the prevailing opinion.

Kinda Funny Games Showcase: Judgment, The Walking Dead, and 67 More Games The major complaint was that gotta continue to record broadcast can not be interactive with the user. Maple Story is obviously tried to present a coherent roadmap for the future, and could not hear the news detailed that users are wondering. Whether watching some commitments presented after the last meeting a dog, how to try any part, and the future do we want to continue to land was not how they wanted to showcase the user. Even though the issue had various updates but also have to mention the most advanced and resolve remained to be desired portions did not cover properly.

Maple Stories continued to patch for existing users, and at the same time, we selected two rabbits to catch new users through a free period magnet pepper with a free period magnet pepper with a term burning event. It is something that does not deviate from the effort that has been doing so far. In this way, Maple Story suggested that there will be no change in operational style as my invisible to keeping the willingness to keep the current keynote next year.


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