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Team Go Rocket is just stronger in Pokémon Go when it should be

Pokemon Go coach have the opportunity to compete against the Team Go Rocket. At the moment, however, the members are difficult to defeat than that is usually the case. We from Mango show you what happened.

What is Team Go Rocket? Anyone who knows the original series about Pokémon, who knows that the members of Team Rocket Ash and his friends have hardened life. So Jessie and James, who belong to the Team Rocket, always tried Pikachu, but also other Pokémon, steal and have taken care of for a lot of trouble.

Based on the series, the members of Team Go Rocket provide trouble in Pokémon Go. To avert this, you can fight against them. Similar to a PVP fight, 3 Pokémon are set for the fight. Did you defeat them, you will receive a reward as well as an encounter with a Crypto Pokémon?

Full Guide for Team Go Rocket Balloon in Pokemon Go!

Now, however, the members of Team Go Rocket are stronger than they are likely to be. We show you why.

Why is Team Go Rocket at the moment so strong?

With a good team, the fight against the members of Team Go Rocket normally no problem is no problem. Now, the Repel, the Rocket Bosses Sierra, Carlo and Cliff and their leader Giovanni, however, are particularly strong. The reason for this is a mistake in the game.

Missing delay in struggle: If you have fought against one of the members in the past, then you can win a few seconds by changing Pokémon or triggering a loading attack. During this time, you will continue to attack your opponents as usual, but Team Go Rocket has paused a moment.

How Ni antic has communicated about your help desk, there is currently a mistake in the game that does not take into account this delay (via Accordingly, the Rocket Repel and Bosses now continue to attack after your Pokémon has changed or run a loading attack.

Team Go Rocket is now as strong? No, how Ni antic has notified, the bug should be resolved with the next update (0.225.2). When the new update will be available, but is not yet known at the present time.

How does the community respond to the stronger Team Go Rocket?

Problems fighting Giovanni: The opinions about this mistake deal apart in the community. Especially with the fighting against Giovanni, some coaches see difficulties.

So Mascotsarekool writes on Twitter: Cool, you have ruined both PVP and Rocket fighting. Have fun losing against Giovanni's Persian scratch brush, over and over again (via This implies that many players already had difficulties in the past to win against Snobilikat and the rest of Giovanni.

A similar problem also sees Bradley Rice: Why Ni antic? Your boosts are far too strong. We need the delay to defeat some heavy (Relax) & leaders / bosses. Many people will no longer be able to defeat them anymore. (Via

And also H4TM7N agrees to Reddit: Ni antic should be better prepared for the complaints when Giovanni comes back next time. I did not count the number of posts in which people struggled to beat him even with the delay (via

A special challenge: Other trainers see the mistakes as a special challenge and definitely want to try Team Rocket without the attack delay.

The user Thurlow therefore asks Reddit: Is there still a Rocket Rule with a team from Relax, Relax and Dragon? That will now be a much harder fight, I would like to try that if it still exists. (via

And also Its me Dario is pleased about the new strength of Team Go Rocket: I never thought that I would experience the day when Team Go Rocket stops to protect us. I can understand that it is difficult for those who do not have the right Pokémon, but a game is there to challenge you, and I believe that everyone can make a winning team. (Via

How do you find it that Team Go Rocket is stronger at the moment by the mistake? Do you see it as a special challenge that you absolutely wanted to be fastest? Or do you find it too heavy and hopes for a quick update? Write us your opinions and experiences here on Mango in the comments.

By the way: The season of the origin has started and brings back some bonuses, research and other special features. We looked at all the contents of the new season and show you.


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