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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands shows 2 New Classes - Shooting Magicians and Brutal Hammerchwinger

Hitting Tina's Wonderlands dares the Borderlands series on a trip to the fantasy world. Today, more information has been announced for the upcoming fantasy Looter shooter.

What is this game? Wonderlands puts the Borderlands series in the middle of the colorful, crazy world of tabletop RPGs. Here you are completely exposed to the crazy ideas of GM Tiny Tina — but far from helpless.

For just as in Borderlands 3 you can rely on crazy weapons and effective skills that you help in the fight against skeletons, monsters, dragons and other animals. In addition, a magical arsenal of spells, which you can also unleash on your opponents, as well as various weapons.

And just the last two elements can you in the new trailer in action. Here the new classes Spell Shot and Claw bringer are presented.

What can spell Sagittarius and-mouth charm?

The Magic shooter (Spell Shot) represent a kind of bridge between the classical Borderlands weapons and rather fantastic abilities ago. Although the class also focuses on guns, but may be added at the same time their opponents with two equipped spells. In the trailer can also be seen as an enemy Spell shot Troll easily transformed into a non-hazardous, Chechen like creature. Useful!

The second class in the trailer is called Claw bringer, or claw Bringer. This class brings a monstrous hammer, which is perfect for serious melee attacks. Moreover, the thing can be thrown and recalled — which is a little reminiscent of Thor from the Avengers or Rates from the last God of War. Moreover, Claw bringer have a little dragon companion there.

How exactly look like the classes and work, but you can decide in the character editor itself — to bring with Wonderlands.

Otherwise, the trailer shows more spur of the fantastic world of Wonderlands. We see enemies like the Shrooms, a kind of deadly killer fungus that attack with spores. In addition, goblins and trolls are fantasy typical of the party.

loot, fight and brawling companion in Wonderlands

These are your companion: In addition to the trailer Additional information was announced at Wonderlands. Rotating among other things, to two of your teammates on Wonderlands table: Valentine and Fretted.

The two NPCs are a bit like Angels and devils act and you, times less helpful comments are sometimes more to the side on your way with. They are probably only rarely agreed.

Decisions can you make yourself but always: Fretted and Valentine might have ideas, they sometimes could make suggestions, they might even approve or disapprove of what you're doing. We wanted to use it as a source of joy to address the different dynamics between players and between players and GM and generally try to deliver as many comments as possible to the players, says Lead Writer Sam Winkler in the current Devilry to (via

The two are also seen in the already known story trailer for Wonderlands.

weapons and more: Further DES gameplay elements was also discussed different. Much of this was already known: Among other things, you will return to a bazillion weapon of various rarities, as usual, can draw in Borderlands. There is again shields and portable improvements such as rings and amulets.

Famous for: The co-op aspect. Up to four players online or can suggest a split screen by Wonderlands. Play the more, the more difficult the game is.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands New Info!! / Timeline / Mechanics / Customization and more...

In addition, also sets Wonderlands as Borderlands, to various hazards. These are the elements:

Fire frost Lightning Gift Dark magic

Depending on the nature of your opponent to different elements are. What you need, you will be able to determine on the basis of health bars.

Do you want more information about Wonderlands? Then look at our interview over, we have had with the developers of the cuttings: This is among other things, the unusual Map of Wonderlands, which is based on a tabletop.


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