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"Mobile Mode Play" on the Great Screen "Mobile Mode Play" to "ORION" on February 22nd on February 22. Price from 33,000 yen

Toro Tech Japan Co., Ltd. announced that it will start testing in Japan for Nintendo Switch Mobile Display "ORION" developed by Taiwan UP-Switch in the Cloud Funding Site GreenFunding on February 22 did. Orion is a mobile display of 11.6 inches (IPS LCD / Full HD Anti-Gray) and is a major feature that it can be used in combination with Nintendo Switch. When the cover on the back of the case is opened, a dock that inserzes the Nintendo Switch body removed Joy-CON is present. Both organic EL models and normal models can be used to directly project the game screen of the set body directly. Furthermore, on the left and right of the housing, rails and grips that can attach Joy-CON are mounted. In other words, Orion is a product that can be "mobile mode play" on a large screen of 11.6 inches by attaching the Nintendo Switch body and Joy-CON. A 3.5 mm headphone jack or a 2.5 W x 2 stereo speaker is also mounted. However, since the battery is not built in ORION, it is

WoW Patch 9.2: Many Legendary's Animal Set Slots

With WoW Patch 9.2, which is available on the live servers from February 23, 2022, , the Tier Sets celebrate their comeback in World of Warcraft. The return of the sets equipped with two bonuses is quite positive by most players. However, she also brings some problems with it. Because in addition to the animal set items are at least two slots in 9.2 also evidenced by the legendary. The new pact legend strap of unity is always on the belt, but some of the other legendary items come Forcibly with the animal sets in the cross. Please customize, Blizzard! Homes base Déjà-Vu At first glance, this is not that bad, because you only have four of the five animal set items should create to unlock both bonuses - however, the nevertheless causes some problems. So the affected players will need longer to unlock their bonuses as they need to get the right four items. In addition, they are restricted in the selection of those four items and may need to create one that does not bring good values

The details of the launch of season 2 of Rocket League Sideswipe are revealed

Golpe lateral Rocket League has been a great success for Epic Games since he made his debut on mobile devices last year, and fans can expect much more content when season 2 launch later this week! It seems that the new addition most notable for season 2 is a volleyball mode. The mode leaves traditional goals and grants points to players for making the ball touch the ground. The Psyonix developer is already warning players that the new modes will enter and will leave each season, so players will want to see this while it is available! While Volleyball mode is clearly the greatest incorporation of season 2, that is not all that fans should wait. This season will see a series of traditional items _-reading of the game, with Supernova, Dueling Dragons Goal Explosions, Breakout Car and Sunset 1986 Wheels cited as specific examples. However, they will appear even more over the next few weeks. A new Rocket Pass will also be added at the beginning of the season. The new season officially

Platinumgames will make different and longer games

Platinumgames is one of the most beloved studies of the moment. Only in 2022 will we will see the launch of _ Bayonetta 3 _ and sol cresta , two experiences that will surely be liked from all Hideki Kamiya fans . However, Atsushi Inaba, co-founder this company and who was recently named CEO, has pointed out that intends to give rise to projects that are different and can be played for a long period of time. In an interview with Famitsu, Inaba was questioned about the state of _project G.G., _ One of the works in which Kamiya is involved. Instead of talking about the game that is very close, the CEO shared the vision of it for the future of the company, one where he sees a greater approach in experiences that one would not immediately associate with Platinumgames . This was what he mentioned: "PROJECT G.G. It is still in the stage of trying several things, so I can not tell you much about it, but when it comes to future production of games, we want to focus on creating gam