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WoW Patch 9.2: Many Legendary's Animal Set Slots

With WoW Patch 9.2, which is available on the live servers from February 23, 2022, , the Tier Sets celebrate their comeback in World of Warcraft. The return of the sets equipped with two bonuses is quite positive by most players. However, she also brings some problems with it. Because in addition to the animal set items are at least two slots in 9.2 also evidenced by the legendary. The new pact legend strap of unity is always on the belt, but some of the other legendary items come Forcibly with the animal sets in the cross.

At first glance, this is not that bad, because you only have four of the five animal set items should create to unlock both bonuses - however, the nevertheless causes some problems. So the affected players will need longer to unlock their bonuses as they need to get the right four items. In addition, they are restricted in the selection of those four items and may need to create one that does not bring good values ​​for their playing style.

Added to this is the problem that these players may want to re-craft their legendary or need to have the first four set items to benefit from the bonuses as soon as possible. Thanks to the possibility of destroying a legendary and recovering the resources **, that's not so dramatic, but still costs unnecessarily much gold. Because we must not forget that for a legendary blank, gold will soon be due in the six-digit area. Depending on the slot, 100,000 gold and more are quite realistic.

ALL MAJOR FEATURES Coming In Patch 9.2 - Everything You Can Do in Shadowlands LAST BIG PATCH

Please customize, Blizzard!

This affects, for example, magicians and witchers, but also priests, shamans and warriors.

  • Echos of big smashing (elementary shaman): shoulders or hands
  • Ice Cold Winds (Frost Mage): Hands or Head
  • Shadow Flame Prism (Shadow Priest): Hands or Head
  • Mösign Wrorn (ABRUE-HEXEN MEAN): Hands or shoulder
  • Continuous blow (weapon warrior): hands or belt

In most cases, both slots come here with the animal sets in the way. The players have to decide for four of the five set items and produce the legendary on the corresponding fifth slot. Especially bitter it is for weapons warriors. Because here only the hands remain, if you want to use the new pact legendary on the belt (which everyone wants).

Homes base Déjà-Vu

Already with the introduction of the rule sockets in patch 9.1 there was a similar problem. At that time, Blizzard reacted at an early stage and the Legendary's, which came to the cross with the rule items, were made available to other slots. We would have expected something similar here. So far, nothing can be seen on the PTR but nothing of such adjustments.

Therefore, here again the call to Blizzard - please, please adjust before the release of the patch! Because even if this problem does not destroy the balancing or brings significant disadvantages in the long run, it is very annoying for those affected Player. And the whole thing would be with very little effort to prevent.

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