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Escape the maniac farmer in Little Nightmare II is outright terrifying

The imposing and monstrous farmer tracks you through the hideous forest. Look like we sneak in the marsh, are pursued by the beast and slaughter it in our gameplay video. The fears are unique and can manifest themselves in many ways, however, some are engraved in our psyche at a tender age. Little Nightmares II absorbs these persistent anxieties and produces real moments of terror in this masterpiece of modern times. From the obsessing sound design to the dark artistic direction, each element was created to cause discomfort and tension. During Chapter 1, you will meet the maniac farmer, watch it hurry to prey in this game sequence. What did you think of the agonizing hunting in our gameplay video? Dare to get into the absurd world of Little Nightmare II? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitteret Instagram. As always, make sure to come back to know the latest and best information about the industry and do not forget to subscribe to Us on YouTube for more video game

GTA Online: Player gets Grief with a brilliant trick from the sky

A wild chase ends in GTA online with an explosive surprise: A player turns out a grief on a film-reactive way, while he had followed him with a fight jet. The community celebrates the spectacular video. GTA Online: Grief lays fracture landing How to In The Fast & The Furious: Community celebrates video A reddit user shows a chase to which he can be proud of. He is pressed in GTA online from a grute in a fighting jet **, but he finds a brilliant solution to create the annoying opponent from the neck. GTA Online: Grief lays fracture landing Reddit Users HiddenamongtheCrowd shows in his video , as the right vehicle and a good idea together in GTA Online can be a fairly powerful combination. Look here here the crazy GTA online video: In the video, HiddenamongtheCrowd is on a mission in a ramp buggy to see on the highway. Meanwhile, he ** is taken from a grute with a fighting jet in sight. But the player surprisingly puts an end to the attack by compromising the other cars on

Tencent marhw's chairperson finger will be issued

When President Tencent Martial Arts, a new principal, a new principal will be issued when the Military Protection Action of the Game Industry is pursued by the Chinese government. Tencent has conducted conference calls with annual earnings reports on the 24th. When conference calls, questions about the viewing of the Chinese authorities and planning for new game launches. The Chinese government has not been a new pane since July last year. "Currently, the game industry," the current (China) game industry was faced fairly large regulations, "he said. "I think that the issuance of new pans is delayed (of the Chinese authorities)," he said. " In the sense, the Chinese government opens the game industry itself. "We believe that the Chinese government still supports the game industry (但 但 们 们 戏 监 监 方 方)" For the prospect of the issuance of new polls, Malodh, said, "I expect the Panke will be issued after the problem of protecting minor prote

How to fight the ghosts in NIOH 2

During the game _NIOH 2, _ You will probably notice that there are several red tombs scattered throughout your trip in the game. They have a sword in them, highlighted by bright reds along your way. You can see blues, but these will help you. When you approach them, you have the opportunity to engage in a form returning from the person who perished here because there were players. The ghosts are powerful opponents and conquering them offers great rewards. When you approach the grave, you have a lot of information. You can see how the player died when he did, what killed him, the player level and on the left side of the icon, you can see the type of potential booty you can get in the killing. Depending on the level of the deceased player in relation to yours, you can choose to fight the returning or not. If you do it, it's not a player in combat, but an IA takes over for the player and has all his equipment. Fight and overcome a returning is not easy. They have a variety of weap

This is how Izuku's new suit looks at my Hero Academy

My Hero Academy We have revealed a much more detailed look at the colors you will use Izuku Midoriya in your new suit. This character has traversed a difficult stage from which the final arc in the sleeve began. Izuku had an important evolution as hero, and this new suit will reflect these changes in the personality of it. Even though he's original suit was severely damaged, Izuku managed to recover much of him and modified it with new accessories. Thanks to the most recent cover of the weekly magazine Shonen Jump , the fans had the opportunity to see how this new suit looks and you can check it yourself below: And in related news, you can already take a look at the most recent advance for the sixth season of My Hero Academy. In the same way, users discovered a reference to Avengers: Age of Ultron ** Hidden on the pages of the sleeve.

Twin evil sasaki save the world ...! ? Action RPG "Young Souls" handy play and ease of play [explosion play repo]

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only "I don't know what kind of game!" And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto "as soon as possible", "explosion play repo". Operation, setting, language fight in conclusion This time, 1P2P has developed, THE Arcade Crew is publisher, and on March 10, 2010, Windows PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One (Game PASS also supports), And at the time of article writing, I would like to deliver the contents of the raw contents about the Hakusla Action RPG " Young Souls " released for PS4 / Nintendose switches. # What is "Young Souls"? This work is the stage where the player operates twins and helps the goblin to a different world to help goblin. It is characterized by the 3D of matte texture such as backgroun

[News] Ayao appeared in Gaho! Winning 2.6 Special Broadcasting

The source of the Salbo bus was on March 18 (Fri), and the Bureau of the mountains of 9:00 pm, 2.6 Version purple garden. The voice actor who appeared on the broadcast is Kamisako Ayto Sungwoo Jang Min-hyuk, Kamisato Ayaka Sung Woo Yui, Venti Sung Woo Jung Jung, Paimon Sung Woo Kim, First, I started introducing a new character. Kamisato Ayto is the current week of the Kamisato family, and the character is characterized by drinking milk tea when the character is waiting. Using Camisa toe with one-handed sword, he utilizes the element of water, and it is a character that gives a wide area damage within a short time and increases the general attack effect on the party. Element Battle Camisa 토 류 Mirror When you use flowers, Aya Toge goes to Makta-foot moving and enters the mirror flower condition. It leaves the rest of the water in its original position, and when the rest of the residue is destroyed, the water element range is damaged. When the state is in the state, the general attack

Ski-ass Schmid fifth in Kranjska Gora

The win was the same as the day before the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen in front of the Austrian Stefan Brennsteiner (+0.23 seconds). Third, the Swiss overflow was Marco Odmatt with a residue of 0.27 seconds. "Ultimately, it was not enough for the podium, but I am very satisfied with this day. I'm overjoyed," Schmid said after his second bestest World Cup result in giant slalom. Odermatt is the crystal ball virtually no longer As with the first giant slalom on Saturday in Anton Grammel and Fabian Gratz reached two more DSV starters the final passage. Grammel brought with place 26 his first World Cup points, Gratz's ranked 28. Julian Smoke foot had missed the round of the best 30. With over 300 points lead in the overall World Cup or the large crystal ball is no longer to take. Finally, Followers had announced Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, waive the season finale in France on the slalom. Accordingly, more than 300 points would not be in it for the Norwegian in the c

Rocket League: a season 6 under the cartoon sign

Epic Games and Psyonix continue to feed Rocket League season after season and the next step will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, March 9, with the deployment of season 6 on all platforms. To mark the shot, Neo Tokyo has been transformed into an inspired arena from the comic strip, hence this trailer for the least different style. The season 6 Rocket Pass will include the Nomad all terrain as well as elements (wheels, goal explosion, antenna) in connection with the mysterious and devouring number. In the middle of the season, regulars will also be able to discover a new mode of limited time, but the information concerning it will be unveiled later. Further details on the content of the season are disseminated on the game site. Trailer ## Rocket League - Cinematic Trailer of Season 6

"The bright madness": That's why Peter Neururer is about Hertha BSC

Kult coach Peter Neururer sees the situation with his ex-Club Hertha BSC with great worries, but does not plead for the outward of the luckless chef coaches Tayfun Korkut. Discharge of Tayfun corkut would be "stupid stuff" Hertha BSC: "With platitudes you will not get a step further" "I'm outstanding. But that's very questionable. There is a team with ambitions against the descent and probably got it - the bright madness," said Neururer in the "picture" interview. Hertha BSC ranks after 25 matchdays with only 23 points on table space 16. Only the VFB Stuttgart (22) as well as tut the Greuther Fürth (14) have collected even fewer counters than the actual ambitious capital club. Discharge of Tayfun corkut would be "stupid stuff" Even worse, the situation was when he worked at Hertha in 1991, described Neururer. "That was a team that was paid like Bayern Munich and has shown a performance as in the Oberliga. At that time,

Nintendo does not want her switch

First players have received their Steam Deck in the last days. With the handheld PC of Valve, which is usually running with Steamos, countless things can be hired. For example, behind the Steam Deck hides an excellent way to play old retro classics or more modern titles using emulators . Nintendo obviously no big fan of the Steam Deck Nintendo complained last operator from the ROM pages Steam deck in the test of PC Games Nintendo obviously no big fan of the Steam Deck Of course, games for SNES, GAMECUBE or even Nintendo Switch can be emulated on the handheld. Really cool find the Nintendo but apparently not so completely. In recent days, the company has already deleted several videos from YouTube , which show you how to play the Nintendo title with the Steam Deck. Nintendo complained last operator from the ROM pages While Nintendo will not be able to prevent emulation on the steam deck, but some time ago, the Mario company has initiated some legal action against the opera

LOL: Jinx's new Skin and his relationship with a canceled ability

Riot Games announced the new cosmetics that will arrive at League of Legends on the next 12.6 patch. We talked about the Skins Squadron soul, a new collection highly anticipated by the community that was announced during the first raises of season 12. In it the champions appear dressed as animals making several winks both in their appearance and in the effects of their skills to The species to which they represent. However, the Jinx version could also have a very interesting wink to one of its eliminated skills. A Skin inspired by an eliminated ability? For the Squad Squad collection, Riot Games decided to create jinx battle jack . The cosmetic does not seem to have anything special beyond the usual good finishes that characterize the last skins thrown by the developer. However, the animal chosen could well have been a wink of the artists to one of the first versions of the champion that came to the summaker crack, since the champion was going to have a very similar skill. Dur

ESO: The large PVP

In the MMORPGThe Elder Scrolls online there are always occasions. The PVP event white-plank slaughter goes today, on 1.3.2022, up until 16 o'clock. Till then you can get your last incentives and also today's events. So you can join white plank slaughter These unique benefits are available in white planks. What to do if you are still missing out on the end of the end ? . Unique offers in the crown shop up until 16 o'clock. So you conveniently obtain the really last event notes . is seeking the guild shops. These missions can be done promptly in Cyrodiil. This is the fastest everyday quest in the Kaiserstadt . Special incentives of white plank carnival at a look. swaps products in your area or guild. When is white slab slaughter? The occasion began on Thursday, February 17, 2022, at 16 o'clock CET and goes to Tuesday, March 1, 2022, at 16 o'clock mez What is white plank wager ? This is a yearly occasion that reverses the PVP activities in ESO. You will certai