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LOL: Jinx's new Skin and his relationship with a canceled ability

Riot Games announced the new cosmetics that will arrive at League of Legends on the next 12.6 patch. We talked about the Skins Squadron soul, a new collection highly anticipated by the community that was announced during the first raises of season 12. In it the champions appear dressed as animals making several winks both in their appearance and in the effects of their skills to The species to which they represent. However, the Jinx version could also have a very interesting wink to one of its eliminated skills.

A Skin inspired by an eliminated ability?

For the Squad Squad collection, Riot Games decided to create jinx battle jack . The cosmetic does not seem to have anything special beyond the usual good finishes that characterize the last skins thrown by the developer. However, the animal chosen could well have been a wink of the artists to one of the first versions of the champion that came to the summaker crack, since the champion was going to have a very similar skill.

Prestige Battle Cat Jinx Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends

During the early stages of the development of Jinx, Riot Games experienced four versions for its definitive and Mortal Supermegachete was going to be initially a very different missile. The alternative that charged the developer was called, literally, cat circle **. This ability was launched through the map and created a magic smoke area around the enemy achieved. When crossing that smoke, the champions became harmless cats as if it were the W (Banal) of Lulu.

The effect liked the developers at aesthetic level a lot, but they found themselves with the problem that it did not fit at all with Jinx. "_Although she was adorable, she felt too indirect and little practical," he explained his developers years later. However, it seems that His Gatuno Spirit now returns to League of Legends with one of the most anticipated Skins of the year.


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