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[News] Ayao appeared in Gaho! Winning 2.6 Special Broadcasting

The source of the Salbo bus was on March 18 (Fri), and the Bureau of the mountains of 9:00 pm, 2.6 Version purple garden. The voice actor who appeared on the broadcast is Kamisako Ayto Sungwoo Jang Min-hyuk, Kamisato Ayaka Sung Woo Yui, Venti Sung Woo Jung Jung, Paimon Sung Woo Kim,

First, I started introducing a new character. Kamisato Ayto is the current week of the Kamisato family, and the character is characterized by drinking milk tea when the character is waiting. Using Camisa toe with one-handed sword, he utilizes the element of water, and it is a character that gives a wide area damage within a short time and increases the general attack effect on the party.

Element Battle Camisa 토 류 Mirror When you use flowers, Aya Toge goes to Makta-foot moving and enters the mirror flower condition. It leaves the rest of the water in its original position, and when the rest of the residue is destroyed, the water element range is damaged. When the state is in the state, the general attack is a pure black attack state that causes water element range damage. During this attack, additional flashing wave effects become added, and the damage of pure sword increases. Ayto's current HP is affected, and if you use or exert the elemental combat skill once more, the effect is released.

The water that revolves the unique characteristics of Camisa 토 리 은 은 은 는 는 얻 는 물 는 는 는 물 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는 는)) Elemental explosion Camisa earth areas of water are unreacted by unique areas, and slow down the liaith skin and attack the enemy. The character in the range range increases the general attack damage. Another unique characteristic Camisawo Osamu When the hollow is opened, the amount of element is low when the element is low, and a certain amount of energy is recovered every period of time. Camisa toiles Daily Daily Daily Unique Characteristics of Aya Tobaga Cooking Cooking is a certain probability of cuisine.

In the first event in the first event, the first event, Kamisato Aya is a probability, and the Venti is probably up in the event origin of the event, which is in progress in the same time. In the second character event origin, Camisa Taoyaka is a probability. And a new 5-year-old sword Sword of Holcans will appear in the Weapon Event Origin.

And in 2.6 versions, the new legendary mission 'is the first film of the oak tree of the guard'. The prime minister is abolished and Inazuma is a new era, and the tensile resort and the liver are coming among the liver. But the outside is sloped, but the creek of the armor is a wandered, and I can see how Kamisato Ayora, Kamisa, a member of Jiao, can be confirmed by the mission.

The new local layer cancer in the last broadcast will be formally released in 2.6 versions. A huge puddle, a huge puddle, which does not see the mountains of layers and the bottom, and many secrets are hidden. The layer cancer is also a sublayer in the interior in addition to the terrestrial layer outside the outside. When you explore the underground layer, you should use a special item famous catalyst.

Strengthening the renal catalyst like a sulfurical area will result in a convenient search, and a compensation such as a four-star inorganic circular new business card can be obtained. Especially, it is possible to meet with the parent female canyons that are dropped by the new pyeliness 'Jinzhou King' and the 'priest' of the 'Jinzhou' and 'priest'.

The Jinzhong's birthday can be evaluated as a specialized 'cows', which is constantly reduced by HP when using elemental explosions. The four sets of Jinzhuang are due to the increase in the attack power when the character HP decreases after the elemental explosion casting. The four sets of priests are a low probability of general attacks, and the damage of the general attack increases by 70% of the attack power, and the character who continues to pour the general attack. Yeimiya, including this new character, Aya, is typical. In addition, both of the two permutations have an increase of 18% increase in attack by 2 sets, and all of the characters used by mixing 2 sets of gladiator or simechocari 2-set effects can be used.

New Drinking Mission "The Welcome to the" The Da Inn Slave comes back from the abyss, which is going to investigate the old ruins in the darkness in the darkness and the darkness in the darkness of the layer cancer. This survey looks more about Kenry and the abyss, and it seems to be revealed once again in the past confidentiality. Mystery, which is not revealed in the World Mission and Drinking Mission, will be released in the subsequent version story.

New Events Glowing Purple Gardens, Inazuma Culture Festivals 'Shining Iridore Festival' is to prepare for Miko in Yashiro Bong and Ya. This festival on culture and creation is that this festival invites guests 'Benzi' from other regions and can meet cute 'Cleon'. In the event story, an unexpected character can emerge and can get a kip when event conditions are met.

The first content 'Moon, such as a month,' is a daily poet, receiving one theme to a daily poet, and goes to the relevant theme place according to the hints, and to leave a photo. Institutional Defense Content Returns. Unlike the conventional, it is expected that the game is different because the effect is different in the same element.

The third contents sword livestock is a challenge on detection confrontation. Daily Swords confronts with the Master of Education, to combat travelers and fight NPCs. Elemental combat skills and element explosion skills are not available, but when you use the newly acquired guard, you will reduce the damage to the defense, and use the counter for the perfect timing.

The last contents flower shadow garden is the event associated with the flower arrangement. Every day, you should solve the flower quiz that the gardening company is presented and make the right garden. The garden obtained by unraveling the quiz can be freely placed in the kettle of the genus.

In the new version, we have also prepared an event that treats the fragrance of the west, the fragrance of the fellow, inviting the colleague. The recipe for all seasoning is cut as soon as the event progresses. However, the number of seasoning production is limited as possible, but it is not possible to complete the seasoning through mini-game.

Destiny 2 - Public Events (Публичные События) New challenging event vibration modifications can be seen. The experiential character is supported, configuring the party for each specific stage and applying the buff to handle the enemies. It is a configuration similar to the existing events, which can be fenced according to the score.

The travel photo event beyond the picture is to find the spot with the shooting goal and match the time. You can complete the photo shoot request to meet your requirements. The event may be a feeling that the event is confirmed to the actual illustrator, but unlike other events, it is not necessary to have a burden on the easiest event.


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