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Twin evil sasaki save the world ...! ? Action RPG "Young Souls" handy play and ease of play [explosion play repo]

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only "I don't know what kind of game!" And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto "as soon as possible", "explosion play repo".

This time, 1P2P has developed, THE Arcade Crew is publisher, and on March 10, 2010, Windows PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One (Game PASS also supports), And at the time of article writing, I would like to deliver the contents of the raw contents about the Hakusla Action RPG " Young Souls " released for PS4 / Nintendose switches.

# What is "Young Souls"?

This work is the stage where the player operates twins and helps the goblin to a different world to help goblin. It is characterized by the 3D of matte texture such as background or object, and the Cartoon's 2D characters move around.

Belt Scroll Stage, attacking enemies one after another and capture map. In addition, it is basic game progress to strengthen the level and go out to the battle as well as the experience and drop products obtained there. While looking at the whole, there are many Haxler elements, but it is a feeling that the center of gravity is on RPG because there is a movie production and conversation event that is often inserted.

However, thanks to the ability to change skip functions and difficulty levels, and more detailed settings for gameplay, the game can be adjusted to the game tempo according to the play style, so the story is good for the player who will fight because it is good.

It also supports cooperative play, and can operate concurrently with a controller. Designs that have successfully dropped the setting of the protagonists 'twins' are highly sensitive. However, I'm a solo player this time because my friend's friend list is ringing. Dom, Plan B "Friend Operation" Let's play together...... What is the friend? Yeah yeah yeah (confusion)

Operation, setting, language

Operation of this work supports keyboards & mice and controllers. As the operation was busy when it became a fierce battle, I was playing with a Xbox One controller. Settings will line up various orthodox items for the graphic sound window.

A variety of setting items for the gameplay. This is also wonderful that the game side recommends that "players can adjust to your favorite play experience". In fact, the battle of this work may be slightly improved for those who are not used to. In that sense, these nostalgic responses are appreciated.

The language of this work is firmly compatible with Japanese. Some translations may be mechanical, but there were no major interfections in play.

# Story

If the detailed part is actually playing and confirming the main story, it is an orphaned twin main character Jen and Tristan, who was an orphan, is taken over as an adopted child, and there is no inconvenient life It was a. However, two people are bad teenagers. I did not go to school well, and I had a young energy and spent a day to make a wrinkle.

Such a day, when two people came home, the house was ruined by someone, and there was an abnormal situation that the door of the room that has been prohibited from entering and prohibited withdrawal. It is a different world where the demon lives when I got lost in the future. Apparently in this world Goblins seem to be standing at the top, and according to their plans, Dr. Doctor has become captured.

Twins that will repeat the different world to help Dr. Two people pulling the moderate (?) Goblins who helped with Baldowin and other ways. Here is a prologic position, and it will be able to capture various facilities and dungeons while returning from the city where twins live in the game early in the game.

There is no devotion to the twins, I am sorry for personal impressions, but ** Outlot temperament is emphasized, so it was hard to sympathize somewhat....

# Let's capture

If you proceed with a certain extent, you will be free to use an area called "Downtown" "Goblin Market" and "Moon Gate" .

"Downtown" is an ordinary city in the human world, and is mainly possible to act like status-up, money measures, and purchase of fashionable clothes (for capabilities described later).

"Goblin Market" is an area in a different world, making it possible to purchase and upgrade important equipment items for capture. If the downtown is also flat, it is a shop area, but because the currency used in the human world and different worlds is different, even if you have a few thousand units with money in the human world, you can not shop in Goblin Market. So please note that. This is also true.

Under such circumstances, "Moon's Gate" has a role as a so-called base, will warp from here to each dungeon to promote capture. Each dungeon has a route that has been engaged in this way, and the stage along the way is not entered if you do not get a "special key"...... Because there is also a thing, so it is almost almost in order to go to the rest You need to turn all stages. However, since the degree of progression of such a capture is displayed in a percentage, it is preferable that the teeth such as the unpacked area are easy to understand.

In addition, it is possible to move immediately by the Fast Travel function called "high speed movement" to each area. Of course you can move through the city and move from home to the underground...... It is wonderful to be able to do it from the menu screen at any timing at any time. However, every time a few seconds short movie will be caught as a production, so let me move in an instant! I think it is.

By the way, especially downtown is likely, but the passer plays a role as a flavor text. The conversation with them will be transmitted to the standing position of the protagonist and the air sense of the human world, and it is fun just by looking at the action.

...... If you walk the roadway, I think it's strangely ridiculous!


The dungeon is composed of several areas, each area contains several stages, each of which has a belt scroll structure. The protagonists basically move the stage from left to right, and touch the enemy monsters that appear during that way, and then overheat the boss to wait at the beginning, and sometimes treasure.

buat boboiboy di minicraft cheek.

In addition to moving such a combat, it is a simple, special attack, avoidance, and a simple but highly actionable design such as guard Paris. Since avoidance consumes one gauge every time you use, you can not run away for a long time. Therefore, as a personal experience, it seems that high-risk war law is recommended such as receiving enemy attacks with Paris and recovering mana, rather than doing this work.

Because the most characteristic and interesting part in battle is twin, you can switch between characters alternately (during single play). This is because of the weapons and equipment described later, differences between performance or directionality are emitted between the two people, so it is a strategy such as, for example, the group opponent has a range of attacks. It will be born. This is interesting. Also, even if either falls, it can be resurrected by the surviving one by resurrection.

# Weapons and equipment

The weapon is mainly the case where the sword is mainly, and a long distance system such as a bow is also available on the way. The main damage source may be a special effect on basic parameters such as attack power, mana, number, and weight. This is the same as equipped with armor, so if you combine well, you can bring in a very favorable situation in battle.

Those weapons and equipment are available at the enemies and treasure chests during dungeon capture, and you can purchase in the human world and the shop of the different world. Since the height of the attacking power will be the head as it is, it is better to use high numbers with high numbers. However, of course, it is OK that it will continue to use it at first sight of the appearance of weapons and special effects. Depending on the original value, you should be able to use it as a long period of time if upgraded in Goblin Market.

Speaking of that, what is the "fashionable clothes" that touched a little earlier? These are so-called collection elements. Except for sneakers, there is no direct relationship with the battle, so if you save your human-wide money, you can enjoy your favorite combination.

# Abap

The main characters have been set for its own basic status, and their ability values ​​affect combat power, and the level up and mini-games rise due to the level. For level up, you need to defeat the enemy and get experience points, and if the gauge has a constant value and the gauge becomes MAX, "Grow" by sleeping at home. At that time, "Happy Fit Token" is available as a bonus, and using this token can significantly improve one of the status items.

A fitness club in downtown with Happy Fit. The protagonists can be upgraded by clearing mini-games there... that's the score of the mini game, so play is fun 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正

In addition, since the operations required for the level up skill up are not completed in the dungeon, it is necessary to return to the human world, and every time, it is a mini game that is sleeping while sandwiching the movie effect. If you want to focus on the capture, they think that they are a part that makes the game play tempo somewhat bad.

It is a luxurious request, and if you use a token, you will feel that the style that can allocate points arbitrarily to "Multiple" items will be easy to play.

# Boss battle

Boss with strong attacks, high strength to tricky movements are a strong opponent. However, the liver of the battle is to do damage and damage the chance to find out the other's attack, as well as the previous Zako enemy. The stage of the boss battle is often a destructive object with recovery items, etc., so it is good to fight while using it effectively.

However, some bosses may also be incorporated in some bosses, and they were defeated, and they revive and the pattern of the second round start. Therefore, when the battle has started, it is recommended that you make sure that the remaining machine icon is about to the lower left of the other party's physical strength gauge.

in conclusion

There were some lonely elements, but it is a hand-shaped element, and this work is outstanding that is excellent. Even in the dungeon that has been cleared once, the enemy will re-emergence, so if you have more difficult scenes, it is also recommended to return to the area at a slightly before earning experience.


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