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Rocket Leagues new Knockout Bash is super smash bros for cars

Rocket League, a game that is famous for its excellent mix of football and rocket-driven combat cars (or "Soccar" - still a too excellent punning, has never been one that was back in front of a fresh game-on-game mash. high. We let cars play basketball, we've had cars to play ice hockey - basically we have cars to do anything but race. Well, although it is still not quite Cars-Do-Mario Kart, we now have the next best: cars make Super Smash Bros.

"Knockout" is an upcoming time limited mode, which comes next week as part of the "Knockout Bash" events in the game to Psyonix 'vehicle football game. The goal of the mode is simple - you meet your opponents with your car so hard that they either fly out of the arena or get into a deadly danger. Deaths are limited and the last standing car wins.

The event will take place from 27 April to 10 May and offers players the opportunity to win golden gift baskets that will bring you classic rare objects from past Rocket League events. The mode starts in the middle of the animation season 6, which offers many unique Rocket League ranks and rewards, so it seems as good as ever to start the old rocket cars and rotate them for one.

Knockout adds a few turns to its usual Rocket League experience, even beyond the fact that you now have an incentive to meet the other cars (though they always could and should be). On the one hand, there are no teams in this mode - instead it is an 8-player free-for-all mode, no other than the 8-player Smash mode of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Or in fact a Battle Royale - if you forget that we use this term for games with a large number of players on large open maps not only when a deathmatch mode is included.

Another change is the restructuring of the nuclear play, since a stone scissor paper combat design has been implemented. Depending on whether you avoid an opponent or come to him, activate an attack or a block that can hunt your opponent into the air. You can also, if you hold the "grasp" key (whatever that may be), cancel a hostile car and throw it - as long as you do not engage in an attack, in this case you can kiss the sky.

Rocket League Knockout Bash Trailer Other changes, such as the skier jump (like Pit of Super Smash Bros), stun (like Zero Samus of Super Smash Bros) and multiple sausage (like... Well, actually no one can avoid multiple in Smash in the air, so it goes to Rocket League). The game mode will also introduce three arenas specially built for this mode, each of which has dangers and pitfalls to keep the players on their wheels.

With the new mode, the new season and the preparation of the Rocket League Championship Series on a return in June, you will be curious if it will be interested in the continuous burner of the eSport. Thanks to the latest performance upgrades on consoles, Rocket League has created our list of the best multiplayer games for PS5, so we will definitely keep an eye on it.


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