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LOL - The symbolic change with RNG's victory in MSI 2022: Faker is no longer the best in everything

The phrase " Faker is the best player in the history of League of Legends " could never put a but. Since he began his career, the Korean has achieved more trophies than anyone, surpassing in all records any possible competitor in the big leagues. In the worst case, the MID LANER tied for palmarés with some other player. It was the situation with Xiaohu and ming in relation to the MSI and it is with the ex-partner of his Bengi if we only focused on world championships. However, the title recently conquered by RNG has changed the story. Faker no longer leads all records For the first time, Faker and T1 are not at the forefront of the record in any of the official competitions in which they participate. RNG's triumph in the fifth map of the MSI 2022 final has made the title go to China and that Royal Never Give Up gets his third half-season trophy. The LPL Club has won it in 2018, 2021 and 2022. A feat that allows it to overcome the legacy of the historic o

Players are horrified by spiders in V Rising and ask developers that

Spiders opponents are frequent guests in video games of various genres, which is undoubtedly a challenge for those who suffer from arachnophobia. Spiders in V Rising, apparently so terrible and unpleasant that some players turned to the developer Stunlock Studios with a request to introduce a mode of arachnophobia. One of the players under the nickname Simonokles in Discord games drew attention to one boss named Ungor Puchya Korolev. “People with phobias are not just afraid, they panic. With certain settings, people who need it will be able to enjoy the game,” he argues. "Visual appearance should not suffer because of such settings." This idea caused a violent discussion in which, it seems, opinions were divided. Some players believe that people with arachnophobia need help, others-that the Gothic world without giant spiders cannot exist. Still others proposed introducing user modifications to V Rising so that the community could find a solution to the problem itself. All

How to catch fish in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is a life simulator in which you have freedom to do almost everything you want. There are many classes, including construction, agriculture, research and, of course, fishing. Fishing is a relaxing activity that also brings a reward. This may make you think about how to catch fish in My Time At Sandrock. where to unlock fishing in My Time at Sandrock how to make a sandy fish trap For fishing in My Time At Sandrock you will need Sand fish trap (about how to craft read below). When you have this item, you can approach the fishing pits, similar to the one to the east of your workshop. Interact with the fishing pit, and you can throw a trap for sandy fish into the fish. Using the bait will make them stop for a moment, and it will be easier to catch. where to unlock fishing in My Time at Sandrock You cannot catch fish until you get the world of sand fishing quest from Owen. This will be available in a few days and will give you a recipe for making a sandy fish. To

The advancement of Stalker 2 proceeds, in spite of the difficulties dealt with by the war in Ukraine

Among the GSC Game World developers replied guaranteeing that this "continues" . The launch of the shooter is still intended for December 8 of this year, as well as although knowing that programmers have gone back to collaborate with the game is wonderful news, it is hassle-free to be mindful as well as await even more info to know just how much they have seen impacted the due dates of advancement. The war has actually been hitting Europe for months and also GSC Game World, Ukrainian study based in Kyiv , has actually been one of the most affected of the sector by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. At the start of March, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 pausaba their advancement to help employees influenced by the battle in the full attack of Russia to the Ukrainian funding. In their getaway from the war, the members of GSC Game World relocated to new offices in the Czech Republic and it appears that they have had the ability to go back to the growth of the anticipated activity ti

Call of Duty: Warzone: Third season event brings Godzilla vs. Kong into the shooter

On April 27, 2022, the free-to-play shooter Call of Duty: Warzone started the third season. In addition to a few changes to the map, some new weapons were added. The "Operation Monarch" event is also active until May 25, 2022, in which you can get help from the Kaiju legend Godzilla and Kong. With the rules of "revival", the last to survive in 4 teams. To fill the monarch scale, you collect points with the help of prey boxes and finished enemies. This gives you strong items again and again and at full scale the "s.c.r.e.a.M.-Device". This allows you to call up a kill stream and either use the powerful attack by Godzilla or King Kong. While the giant monkeys are more likely to hold opponents with rocks, the Gorilla Wal burns opponents with a radioactive beam. If a team manages to damage the two monsters in rage mode, a device also waves. Anyone who has completed all eight tasks of Operation Monarch will receive the blueprint for the sniper rifle "

For the excursion into the countryside: the best accompanied

Plants, insects, mountain tops: It has probably happened to everyone that you discover something in nature on the way, but neither can name it nor knows anything about it. In these cases you can either put up with it or start researching. The latter is rather complicated without indications. For this reason, we have tested some smartphone applications that help you with identification and present the best below. * Reading tip: Hiking in Germany: These are the most beautiful long -distance hiking trails in the Republic

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition: Graphical improvements on the test bench

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition was literally torn in the air to publish fans and critics. Rockstar quickly spoke up, apologized for the numerous mistakes and praised improvement. The graphic improvements at Digital Foundry are now being tested in a new video analysis. The team itself reports that although the artistic decisions are still somewhat questionable, there is no doubt that Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition has experienced real improvements in all areas.

The best gaming keyboards 2022

You are looking for a new gaming keyboard , but don't know which one is best suited for you? With us you can find out: Best Gaming keyboard 2022: Our classic tip What are your requirements for a keyboard? advantages of a mechanical keyboard for gaming good all-rounder with aluminum housing: Hyperx Alloy Origins high-end gaming keyboard: Logitech G915 space-saving gaming keyboard: Razer Huntsman Mini An eye -catcher: Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro Which gaming keyboards 2022 are recommended Which keyboard is suitable for shooters, strategy games or mobas What the advantages of mechanical keyboards are Because a keyboard is not a keyboard. On the one hand, the periphery should fit your setup on the outside, on the other hand, gaming should feel as pleasant and quick as possible. All available gaming keyboards at MediaMarkt at a glance Best Gaming keyboard 2022: Our classic tip If you are looking for a simple model without much around , you don't do anything wrong with the Co

Xbox game passport competition: Microsoft gives away prices for gaming

Microsoft has started a new competition in which you can clear attractive prices such as the Xbox Series X. To get into the lottery pot, you have to register for the competition and play games from the game pass subscription. Xbox Game Pass: Plain and win Microsoft competition: these are the prices The large Xbox-Sweepstakes competition currently offers you the chance to win prices while playing. Microsoft gave away various prizes by May 25, for which you can earn tickets by gaming Game-Pass games **. The more days you play, the better your chances are. Xbox Game Pass: Plain and win If you live in Germany and are over 18 years old, you can take part in the big Sweepstakes competition. To do this, you just have to register on the Xbox website for the campaign and then play from the game pass subscription on your Xbox console. (Source: Xbox) You have to play one hour at a time at a time ** to get a daily ticket and thus have opportunities for the raffle. The more day tickets you

Dying Light: Finales Hellraid

A new update has now been announced for the first part of Dying Light. It is a final update for the Hellraid DLC of the zombie survival game. Developer Techland will add the final optimizations and improvements to the dungeon experience. This includes adaptations of game balance and economy. The full patch notes does not yet exist. However, a trailer was released that reveals that the weapons chamber has been expanded, for example. It now contains all weapons and objects from Hellraid and a new function to inspect weapons. In addition, a new shotgun is apparently added with the Death Blinger.