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Overseas version of Gacha Route Box, with a view to regulations in the UK -the government Companies take measures. Otherwise, legislation

The Route Box, which is now being introduced in many games, may have some movement in this commercial law in the future.

On July 17, on July 17, the British government said to the British government that it would be the case to take any measures to take measures against some measures, he said.

This statement was conducted by the digital, culture, media and sports ministry (DCMS) conducted in 2020, and DCMS can use the root box without the permission of parents or guardians in the root box. He concluded that it should not be, and stated in a 90-page report in a report, If a company does not do enough efforts to protect the players, do not hesitate to do so on. increase.

Also, notify the player more clearly that the route box is not indispensable for the game progression or that it does not guarantee certain success. Set the upper limit that can be purchased within a certain period of time. Recommendations are also listed as the generous refund policy and the fact that the billing amount in the game can be tracked and confirmed.

We want to prevent children from splurging with in-game bills like the root box, said the Minister of Cultural, Nadine Dorries.

Game companies and platforms have to secure control and age restrictions in order to protect players from gambling harm. It should be free for children to enjoy the game safely, so parents are also parents. He can get the peace of mind that they need.

DCMS recommends gambling regulations on the root box in 2019. In the Netherlands, there are regulations on the route box commercial games, and in Spain and Germany, similar regulations are seen.

It may be necessary to keep an eye on how the regulation in the root box, which is spreading mainly in Europe, has an impact on the game industry.


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