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Juventus reports back with victory

Currently in the previous week versus AS Rome, the Serb had directly transformed a resting ball. Yet therefore, additional racking up opportunities for shortage, the lately substituted Arkadiusz Milik (90. +2) set the final factor. Against Specia Calcio, the group of coach Massimiliano Allegri won 2-0 (1-0) and also temporarily pressed into four-two factors behind leaders as Rome. Without the former Bundesliga professional Flip Kostic, Denis Zakaria and Weston McKennie in the starting eleven, leading striker Dusan Vlahovic (9th) brought the old woman in the lead with a free kick. In the parallel game, the SSC Naples versus advertised United States Lecce did not obtain past a 1: 1 (1: 1). Lazio Rome (1-1 at Sampdoria Genoa) also lost points. Genuas Manolo Gabbiadini (90. +2) had stabilized the Lazio leadership by the former BVB striker Ciro Immobile (21st) in included time. After 2 pulls in a row, the Italian football record champion Juventus found Turin back on the right track

All Mokoko Seed locations in Black Anvil Mine in Lost Ark

In Lost ARK, Semyon Mokoko is one of the most common collection items that you can find. They can be found in almost every area of the game. When they are found, they become dark green, but shine even brighter when you interact with them. Some of them are really easy to find, while others are a little more complicated and require preliminary fulfillment of various preliminary conditions. There is 11 Mokoko seeds that need to be sought and collected black anvil within yorn . To gain access to the Jorn continent, you need to reach the level 2 and have an object level of at least 600. All locations of Mokoko seeds are shown below and are circled in red. Где найти все семена мококо в шахте «Черная наковальня» в «Затерянном ковчеге» It is important to know that you need to drink Kulkur beer in your inventory before looking for these seeds. The seed located in the west of the card requires this. It is also important to note that you will need Charm 300, as well as both romant

[Interview] Still in mobile, 'Getamp Fighters'

From 2003, the official service, from now on, has been reborn on mobile for about 20 years. It is not only the IP of the original, but it is not only the appearance, but the original developer Cyber Step is a new work made with all the know-how at the time of the original PC. In fact, this is not the first time that Getamp's IP has been mobile. In 2018, a mobile service was carried out with the title 'Get Amped Mobile', but the service ended in a short time, with various problems such as excessive billing content and broken balance. This is why the attention is gathered in the new 'Getamp Fighters'. Kim Jong-rae, CEO of K-Box, who is in charge of the game, is an expert among experts who have led the process of Getamped Korea's service since the time of his former Windysoft co-representative. Unlike the Get Amped Mobile, where Japanese developer Cyber Step led the service, it is expected to be able to operate a stable service that meets the emotions of Korean

'Hit 2', the second place in Google sales within 4 days of launch

Nexon Games' new mobile MMORPG 'Hit 2' ranked second in Google Play. Hit 2 has been counted in Google Play's sales since the 27th. At that time, 'Hit 2' began competition in ranking by ranking sixth in Google Play sales at midnight. In the Apple App Store, it ranked first in popularity by pre-launching before launch, and is currently ranked No. 1 in sales. Hit 2, which was ranked 10th at the same time as the first consolidation, was in second place, beating Lineage W, Lineage 2M, Odin, and Umamusme, two days later. Four days since it was officially released on the 25th. 'Hit 2', developed by Nexon Games, is a game that can be said to be the official sequel to the hit. Unlike the action RPG, it was developed as an MMORPG, and it features high-quality users' interactions based on its own systems such as realistic high-quality graphics and unique gimmicks and large field battles, and the tuner's altars and creator sponsorship programs.. Other

Sabitzer: ... then you know how this shop is running right here

A possible commitment by Konrad Laimer, which was talked about for a very long time, would certainly not have caused any kind of rethink. I truly didn't deal with it, highlights Sabitzer: That would not have changed my strategy. For him there was: performing efficiency in training, each day, in the expertise that after that the coach can not look away. In his 2nd season, the 28-year-old appears freely and also much far better integrated right into the group. If you have actually been right here for a year, you additionally know how this store is going here, he clarifies: After that you can much better categorize as well as assess scenarios. FC Bayern is a different address where you have to season as a newcomer. I knew that I really did not have much to shed due to the fact that it was just better, Sabitzer admits honestly. There is a lot of additionally an issue of the head as well as a different situation than in Leipzig, because I had to find my way up. In addition, a whole lot

Swery's the good life delayed in the loss and also has a brand-new author

Are you mosting likely to find The Good Life? Let us understand in the comments listed below. The last time we became aware of The Good Life was a number of months ago. At that time, the game was on the appropriate track to head out this summer season and had just signed up with pressures with irregular firm as an author. Considering that the other day, these two things have altered. Developer of the Good Life and also Deadly Premonition series, Swery addressed Twitter to introduce these updates. The new author of The Good Life is Playism. He had actually additionally revealed a brand-new release day for the video game with the updated business involved as well as a new outing window for the autumn of 2021. The Playism YouTube network also uses a brand brand-new trailer for The Good Life. We see Naomi running in the city, connecting with people, taking pictures of all kinds of points as well as people as well as changing into its feline and canine types, which we look ahead to s

[Landscape] 'Devcom', a hot site where developers from all over the world gathered

Beyond Europe, the day of Gamescom 2022, one of the world's top three game shows, is approaching. In 2020, when various offline events were struggling with 19 pandermics spread around the world, Gamescom quickly switched to digital, showing the status of the world's three major game shows. In addition, Devcom, a conference where developers all over the world share their know-how and discuss the vision of the industry, have also continued their position as Europe's largest developer conference. And in line with Gamescom's offline offline, Devcom also declared his return to offline. For users who have been thirsty for offline events for three years, the game site, which will be like a drought, was busy preparing for the event. Before that, Devcom, a place where the industry gathered together, was filled with the heat of developers who were craving to gather offline. The hot scene is photographed.

Eintracht Frankfurt - 1. FC Köln 1: 1: late goal after a lengthy Var -Examine.

The incorrect start of Eintracht Frankfurt is full. The temper is routed against the referee team. Junior Dina Ebimbe switches to Eintracht Frankfurt Eintracht Frankfurt-1. FC Köln: The data concerning the video game. Of course, the nationwide goalkeeper of Eintracht Frankfurt made it clear under Sleber, Sleber calls of the angry followers, he felt impaired when compensation! Absolutely nothing helped: After almost 5 mins of video proof, the unsatisfactory 1: 1 (0: 0) of the Europa Organization victor against 1. Daichi Kamada provided the long safe Hesse in the lead with an excellent free kick (71st), but Thielmann struck back late for Cologne. Steffen Baumgart's Rhinelanders remain unbeaten, but need to raise at the face-off on Thursday in the play-off 2nd leg for the Seminar Organization at FC Ferervar (very first leg 1: 2). I do not respond whatsoever! That is offside, claimed Trapp in theskyinterview afterwards: I have no idea why you don't rigorously whistle. Florian

How to build a farm in Cult of the Lamb

Farming is an extremely important activity in Cult of the Lamb, which allows you to provide your followers with high-quality food. This is part of your responsibility for taking care of your followers, otherwise they will succumb to illness and death. How to farm in Cult of the Lamb * Unlock the farmer Unlock a farmer set update your farm The next leadership will explain how to farm in Cult of the Lamb. How to farm in Cult of the Lamb Farming in the game includes several stages. You cannot just start growing food from the very beginning. You must first build an agricultural site, and then get agricultural facilities in order to be able to sow seeds. Only then can you think about growing and updating the crop. * Unlock the farmer You can unlock the farm section for 1x Divine inspiration from the sanctuary after unlocking the temple. Then use the workbench and go to the Construction menu to select a farm section. The cost of each farmer site is 2 coins and 5 grass. You can build

Kröger wins German EM

In the final, she defeated her compatriot and world champion Lisa Brennauer (Durach) in 3: 22.469 mins by 1.097 seconds, who missed a success at the end of her railway career. It was additionally the 4th EM title for the BUND of German cyclists (BDR) on the oval in the Munich profession fair. Third was Vittoria Guazzini from Italy, that kept the upper hand in the little last against Josie Knight from Great Britain. Formerly, Emma Hinze (Cottbus) had won the 500-meter time trial and also therefore additionally her second title. At the beginning of the train bike competitions, the women's 4 with Brennauer and Kröger in addition to Franziska Brauße (Öschelbronn) and also Lisa Klein (Erfurt) had the title in addition to the Sprint trio Hinze, Pauline Grabosch (Chemnitz) and also Lea Sophie Friedrich (Cottbus) .

Sony announces the Extra PS plus games for the month of August

Sony has announced the catalog of games that will join PlayStation Plus Extra (and Premium) during the month of August. All titles, by the way, can start playing from the 16th, next Tuesday. The statement itself begins by highlighting among the incorporations of the Yakuza saga games that will be incorporated into the subscription: they will be Yakuza 0 , Yakuza Kiwami and Kiwami 2 (the remakes of the first two), and are part of Sony's plan to bring a few games in the saga to plus. With Like to Dragon added a few weeks ago with Essential Plus, there are still a lack of arriving from the third to the sixth delivery. Although at the time it already took the baseline (now estente), they have also put Bugsnax in the extra catalog, this research adventure in which we will have to capture different types of bugs. Little must also be said of Dead by Daylight , the asymmetric multiplayer plagued by Behaviour Interactive collaborations, and is also out there Tom Clancy’s Gh

All locations of Mokoko's seeds in the cradle of Yornna in Lost Ark

In Lost ARK, Mokoko seeds are the most common collecting items that you can find and you can find them in almost any field of game. If they are found initially dark green, but then glow when you interact with them. Some of them are really easy to find, while others are a little more complicated and require other preliminary conditions. There are nine seeds of Mokoko that need to be sought and collected cradle Yornna within yorn . As soon as you reach level 2 and you will have an object level of at least 600, you will get access to the entire continent of Yorn. All Mokoko seeds are shown below and circled in red. Где найти все семена мококо в Колыбель Йорна в Затерянном ковчеге Mokoko seeds presented here are one of the simplest that you can find. You need to have a charm level of at least 300 to collect a seed in the north. You will also need the song Romantic Weapon in your song list to demand another seed located in the north. To find out more about the lost ark, read

Multiversus Morty trouble revealed by the Game Director

Multiversus has a varied list of personalities, each of which supplies a special experience for the player. In the entire line-up you will certainly find boxers that drop right into numerous difficulty classifications, a few of whom are very easy to play and also discover, but are not at the top of our multiversus placing. In contrast, personalities like the upcoming Morty are a lot more challenging to use, but have the possible to completely dominate the rest of the team. Although some have actually examined the decision to make Morty a tough to grasp competitor, Huynh's response to the criticism is definitely casual: I do not know, we just went in this manner and also could not stop, he claims. Fair game. Huynh also notes that Morty did this some truly cool configurations that he is expecting the truth that the players put on their maids when he lastly falls. Multiversus developer Player First Games has actually validated that the approaching personality Morty is added to t

How to get a thief marker in Robloox Find Markers

Although finding markers may seem just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, in fact it offers a rather complex map with more than a few complex secrets that need to be found. With these frightening heights update Find the Markers added another 11 markers for the discovery by players, including the one that we will consider in this brief guide, thief marker . Search for a Marker thief in Find the Markers After appearing in Find The Markers, find the Olde Shop and go to its front doors. If you find that you turned around, remember where we found the old marker, and return to the same place. Once in front of the store, turn right and go forward, jumping through two boxes and following a wooden deck surrounding the building. Continue to go along this narrow deck to the back of the store. If after receiving a thief marker you still want to explore, do not hesitate to jump into the water that surrounds the Olde store-there may be several markers that wait for them t

Hoyo bus, which was heated by Sebit with Wonsin, is held

Hoobus, who recently attracted many visitors at the 'Wonshin' festival held in Sebit Island, will hold a 3rd offline event this time. The event will be held to commemorate the collapse 3rd 5.9 version update. Through the 5.9 version updated on the 11th, a new S-class character, Billb [Spiral: Fantasy Box], will be released. Hoyo Bus will participate in the 2022 Hongdae Busker Buddy Festa and hold a magic show on the 3rd collapse from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on August 13 and 14. Hongdae Busker Buddy Festa is a representative event of Hongdae Street, sponsored by the Seoul Street Artist Cooperative and sponsored by Mapo-gu Office. The collapse 3rd is the first game to participate in Hongdae Busker Buddy Festa, and will show a special magic show in the field. The cast is Kim Joon-pyo, NAOMI, RIA, GYYATO, Moon Bridge, and Ekiholic. In addition, the audience can obtain limited event goods through the on-site certification event. In the future, Hoyo Bus will provide opportunities to

How to defeat the OD-10 in the script Distant Future-Live A Live

OD-10 is AI that controls Cogito Ergo Sum-or a civilian vehicle on which you are on. Trying to hack the Maynframe and gain control of the ship, the OD-10 will make a reported attempt to push you out of the system. He will borrow the level from Captain Square. Captain Square is a step-by-step tactical role-playing game. Although it is like battles in the scenario of Imperial China, it rewards more patient, less aggressive and analytical players. Here's how to win OD-10. Best Strategy for OD-10 in Live A Live This battle is quite simple if you do not overdo it. Your character, a robot with a mechanical heart, can counter Any attacks made next to him. Od-10 will beat over time. OD-10 works similarly to you. Whenever he attacks, he also responds (very) with a powerful counterattack blow. Thus, the best way to defeat the OD-10 is not to attack it and allow the counter of your own robot in the end to finish the work. Instead, use your moves to get rid of stabilizers . When th