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[Interview] Still in mobile, 'Getamp Fighters'

From 2003, the official service, from now on, has been reborn on mobile for about 20 years. It is not only the IP of the original, but it is not only the appearance, but the original developer Cyber Step is a new work made with all the know-how at the time of the original PC.

In fact, this is not the first time that Getamp's IP has been mobile. In 2018, a mobile service was carried out with the title 'Get Amped Mobile', but the service ended in a short time, with various problems such as excessive billing content and broken balance.

This is why the attention is gathered in the new 'Getamp Fighters'. Kim Jong-rae, CEO of K-Box, who is in charge of the game, is an expert among experts who have led the process of Getamped Korea's service since the time of his former Windysoft co-representative. Unlike the Get Amped Mobile, where Japanese developer Cyber Step led the service, it is expected to be able to operate a stable service that meets the emotions of Korean gamers. The direction of the 'Getamp Fighters' Korean service that they are preparing is what it looks like.

■ Another Get Am, specialized in 'Mobile', 'Getamp Fighters' Q. What kind of game is Getamp Fighters?

Representative Kim Jong-rae (hereinafter referred to as Kim Jong-rae): PC online game 'Get Amped' is a struggle action game that has already been in the formal service for 20 years. The new work 'Getamp Fighters' is a work that is optimized for the mobile environment by moving the original work, which is a longevity online game, to mobile environment. While maintaining the advantages of the original, the game has been trying to capture the characteristics of mobile.

Q. What is the feature of mobile only in Getamp Fighters?

Kim Jong-rae: In the case of mobile, the first operation is different from the original. We have been thinking about how users can enjoy the action of Getamps smoothly, and various convenience is applied to the operation, such as providing both virtual pads and cross keys at the same time.

In addition, in the case of the original work, the player creates and plays the room, and the mobile is automatically matched. In addition, unlike the original, we also offer a mobile-only game mode that is determined to win the first round, in addition to the original mode, which is in the third round for users who want to play fast tempo games.

In addition, we focused on creating a system that removes the original accessories reinforcement function, reducing the fatigue that users can feel, and allowing each other to face each other if possible. These are points that are different from the original PC online.

Q. Some mobile action games also support keyboards and game pads. How about Get Amp Fighters?

Kim Jong-rae: If you are a favorite user who likes Get Amped, you will remember 'Getamped Mobile', which was developed and serviced by Cyber Step. This work did not continue the service for a long time and eventually made a decision to end the service, and there were several things that could be said to be a 'failure factor'. One of them was the issue of equity.

At that time, Getamped Mobile was configured to provide steam, Nintendo switch, and mobile operation at the same time on one server, which was a somewhat gap on platforms that use other operations besides the keyboard mouse. That's why Getamp Fighters excluded other operations, such as keyboards and game pads, and made a strategy to play only on mobile devices. We will not support keyboard and game pad operation for equity.


Q. The 'Skin Editor' function, which is made by the user directly, is one of the indispensable charms in the Get Amp. Do you plan to support this feature in Getamp Fighters?

Kim Jong-rae: Actually, I think it's one of the most unfortunate parts, and I think it's a part that should be considered in the future. In the case of the original PC, it was possible to respond immediately at the operator level if any problem occurred with the user skin, but the mobile version enters the platform such as Google and Apple, so pre-filtering for inappropriate skins is not easy.

Of course, if you have the conditions, you can put the function right now, but there are many concerns that they are not included in the open build. I think it can be applied immediately if there is enough conditions to continue the operation and secure the number of people and have enough conditions for pre-filtering. Instead of not adding skin editors, the company plans to add new maps, skins, and accessories for mobile versions. I am confident that I have made a lot of effort and prepared for a good quality.

Q. Another charm that is indispensable in the Getamped, 'Accessories' is applied to Getamp Fighters? I wonder if all the accessories you can see on your PC appear.

Kim Jong-rae: The original PC is already a game that has already been serviced for more than 20 years, so only 2,500 accessories in the game have exceeded 2,500. I had to worry a lot to balance the accessories. Since I have been operating the PC online version for a long time, it has a rough data on what accessories they prefer. Based on these data, the company plans to add major accessories.

Getamp Fighters thinks it's hard to understand the users, even if it's too different from the original PC. We want to keep the good part of the online version as it is, and to make it a game that satisfies all the needs of users who want to experience the desire to experience the mobile device again and the differentiated experiences.

Q. PC Getamped users often prove their skills with a variety of manipulation, such as the high-quality shelf, the annual, reversal. Can you use all of these technologies on mobile?

Yoo Seung-hyuk PM (hereinafter referred to as Yoo Seung-hyuk): In some way, even if you add manipulation, it will be harder to manipulate than PC due to the nature of mobile devices. Therefore, a lot of complicated operation was reduced to shortcuts. For example, in the original, after aiming, the two attack buttons must be pressed together to trigger the special movement. In mobile, this function is replaced by a separate button.

In addition, users can customize the button configuration. The UI location can be adjusted freely, so you can create a button setting for your style. In summary, the timing, buttons and functions in the battle are completely the same as the PC version. If you are used to manipulation on mobile and can manipulate guards and attack buttons in time for timing, you will be able to freely use counterattacks such as 'shelves' and 'reverse' mentioned earlier. Of course, it is a part that should be used to play, so after receiving a user feedback through CBT, we plan to continue to improve if there is any shortcomings.

■ Getamp Fighters, It will be a thin and long-run mobile action game Q. In addition to the reunification of the manipulation method introduced earlier, is there any difference or improvement from 'Getamped Mobile'?

Yoo Seung-hyuk: 'Getamped Mobile' was not directly involved because it was a project that was carried out by Cyber Step, but I think there is a lack of 'manipulation' that can be felt in combat in the service at that time. Unlike the PC version, the play itself became easier, but the original taste was not enough.

In addition, there were BM elements that led to strengthening stats, and also required a magazine consumable item. All of these things have been the burden of users and I think they have been appropriate. I don't think BM elements reflected in the stats in Daejeon Action Games are unacceptable. Getamp Fighters has accessories and skin sales, but will not add BM elements that lead to stats.

Q. It's a game made by a Japanese developer, and I wonder if the feedback of domestic users can be reflected quickly.

Kim Jong-rae: It is a game that has not been officially opened yet, but a year ago, a co-development team with developer Cyberstep was developed and developed with the 'Mobile Version Get Amped!'

Arcade or console games are sold and finished, but I think there are more things to prepare after the online game. Just as the original work had communicated smoothly with domestic users, Getamp Fighters also provided an environment in which the two companies could directly communicate with each other.

Q. I'm curious about the approximate BM structure of Getamp Fighters. Is it possible to buy accessories only with paid goods?

Yoo Seung-hyuk: Most of the accessories will be available as 'Fight Money', an in-game goods. In terms of ratio, it reaches more than 60% of the total. In the remaining 40%, accessories that can only be purchased with cash goods will be added, which will be more colorful accessories.

Q. It would be better if users have a chance to experience a variety of accessories without purchasing accessories one by 1. Is there a function to experience accessories in advance?

Yoo Seung-hyuk: If you start the game for the first time and play a little, you will be able to select two or three of the accessories you want at the beginning. In addition, the company plans to use various accessories with a fixed-term-based fixation package. After tasting multiple accessories as a fixed-term service, I think it will be a good way to enjoy your favorite accessories by playing games and purchasing them with the collected fight money. Likewise


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