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Intel announced the final winners of the AI Global Impact Festival

Intel announced on the 22nd that it has announced the final winners of the annual AI Global Impact Festival. A total of six student teams and three teachers were selected as the final winners. The annual AI Global Impact Festival is an event where next-generation technicians, developers, policymakers, and scholars who try to solve the problem of reality using artificial intelligence gather together.

Pat Gel singer, CEO of Intel, said, The fresh insights of young technicians who understand the potential of AI, which can exert good influence, were amazing. It represents Intel's goal to improve life, and the success of future technology depends on them.

Students and teachers went through a strict process to get the final award and Intel expert mentoring opportunities during the international competition from August 29 to September 5. This year, more than 1,000 projects were submitted in 25 countries. The students selected as the global awards winners of the AI Impact Creator are as follows.

** Team 13-17 years old:

Bashar Code Summarizer **, India-Krish Yadav-AI-based model aiming to improve programming access by supporting developers to grasp the code more easily in their native language.

CS-M Tool , Thailand-Tanapat Charunworphan, Opposite Church, Matt Anchal Cosh — Anyone AI tool that allows regular heart checks to receive regular heart checks by three-stage approaches, such as awareness of related heart screening results and rapid movement to neighboring hospitals.

VISION SYSTEM POWERED by AI for the Visaed Impaired , China-Jasmin Liu — Distortion and Curability, etc. Text recognition system for curved text that makes it easy to read items such as road mark fingerboards.

Intel Team 18 years of age or older:

Indoor Industrial Safety Program , User Brown, Dina Marie Stager, Ryan Galbraith-Digital mapping for AI and autonomous environment feedback A program that uses technology to secure a safer workplace in the indoor industry environment without GPS connection.

Nighthawk , China-Libenhua CAI, Way Chen, Yuma Zhao-In extremely dark environment using computer vision and deep learning algorithms A full color imaging system that illuminates images and restores image effects to normal light without the help of auxiliary light.

Synthetic Data Generator , India-Sayash Raja project that allows researchers to ensure privacy of personal information by using synthetic datasets with the same properties as the original data. At the same time as the Corona 19 Fan Derick, the project allows you to use software or data-based solutions that can hit obstacles such as data non-movement or sensitivity.

Intel also presented three teachers as a global winner of the AI Impact Producer (Shaper) and excellent AI education.

L Harbin Zhu, China

l Amiga SABENA, India

l Willougbhy Lee, Singapore

Artificial intelligence has the potential to affect all aspects of our lives as digitalization accelerates. Intel believes it is necessary for more people to understand and popularize AI technology to accelerate the preparation for digital conversion for next-generation technicians and developers. The AI Global Impact Festival provides prospects with opportunities and platforms to learn, report, and commemorate the influence of innovation in the AI sector.

Intel has been dedicated to expanding digital preparation to 30 million people from 30,000 institutions in 30 countries. The AI Global Impact Festival was held as part of Intel's efforts to utilize technology in the 2030's 2030 goals and good directions, and emphasizes the goal of expanding digital preparation around the world.


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