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The new Nier anime trailer: Automata presents us with Pcal, the philosopher robot

It can be said without hesitation that Near: Automata is one of the great revelations of the video game in recent years. A sequel that lt June exceeded 6.5 million copies sold, numbers well above the original title of 2010, which barely managed to ps half a million copies. Its success is such that next year will receive an animation series , we have seen in titles such Ctlemaine and Cyberpunk 2077, among others. The anime is highly anticipated by fans of the saga, since it is directed and written by You Gautama (Blend S and Hello Ego!) And supervised by Yoko Taro himself, creator of the games. Little by little we know new details about what we can expect from the series, and this time they have introduced us to a very special character: Pcal, A robot with an intellectual level more typical of a human being; An idealist who advocates for dialogue , instead of doing so for weapons. You have the video just above. Near: Automata, also in Nintendo Switch The game debuted on PS

DFB President criticizes argumentation in equal pay

I bothered me two aspects of the dispute, stated Bettendorf to the newspaper New Westphalian and also indirectly slammed the function of Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Regrettably, it was hardly talked about this since in the previous couple of months it was primarily only about the success costs. His second factor of objection was that various equal pay designs are blended in the argument. As Bettendorf currently underlines, he had actually held a discussion with the SPD politician as well as proclaimed that the DFB prepared to question the design and also talk about of the prize costs in the Presidium. The debate for the same settlement in football was stimulated by Chancellor Scholz throughout the European Champion of Female in England last summer. In August, the 64-year-old openly asked the DFB to be Equal Pay. Bernd Bettendorf, President of the German Football Organization, has actually revealed his animosity regarding the debate about the very same settlement in guy's and als

APEX LEGENDS competition scene ALGS Lower league distribution officials claim that they are working almost unpaid -Ea support is urgent.

APEX LEGENDS competition scene APEX LEGENDS GLOBAL SERIES (ALPS) Observers and casters related to the distribution of the challenger circuit argued that prices have not been paid ** I am calling. The Challenger Circuit is located at the bottom of the professional league in ALPS and is held in parallel with each split in the professional league regular season. It is an open tournament that anyone can participate in, and if you win, you will be able to advance to the Split 2 Pro League qualifying after Split 1 or the last chance qualifying after Split 2. In other words, the player team who is active in the professional league is the first gateway to stepping on the first generation of players who are active in the professional league. However, the distribution of these tournaments has been posted on SNS that the production budget is not given by Electronic Arts (EA), and that casters, observer, and production staff are not paid. Similar claims have been posted and spread by many

Marvel Snap: Trick involving the game zones can grant you many victories; learn it

In Marvel Snap each game is governed by three zones, which are gradually revealed during the first three rounds. The goal of the game is to master two places of the three that are offered. Of course, your strategies will be constantly modified by the places you discover during your matches. Honor Zones at Wednesdays and Thursdays Hot Zone on Sunday! Tactical Changes The tutorial suggests that the areas that appear in the duels are random. This is not totally true and there are some subtleties to be observed about these slots. Honor Zones at Wednesdays and Thursdays Each week, an area will be honored on Wednesdays and Thursdays. During these two days the place in question will be 40% more chance to appear in relation to the others. Hot Zone on Sunday! On Sunday another place will be honored for 24 hours. During this very recurring event called Hot Zone it will have another 60% chance of appearing . Tactical Changes Obviously, this data should be taken into consideration duri

[Review] Omni Point 2.0 upgraded! Steel Series APEX PRO TKL 2023

The reporter is generous with the keyboard choice. This is because the fragile decibel was written well, even if it was an array of Tennis, except for the high blue axis. It is a style that is not interested in convenient features or a rigid RGB LED, so it is a style that uses and uses a durable caustic product that breaks down and uses it until it is not pressed. High end? I'm using only 70,000 won keyboard. This reduces the keyboard budget and puts strength on other products. The high-end keyboard is not bad. The reason for the reason is that as you go up to the top product, you need to have a sense of performance improvement. Rather, 'Frames Win Games' inherits Hwang's will and invests a little more in a monitor or graphics card. Sometimes, an unimaginable product comes out and changes a little narrow perception. If my memory is right, 2019 will be right. At the time, the Steel Series's Apex Pro product was a keyboard that was sensitive. Sensitive was also a bi

LIVE! Master at Super World: SC Magdeburg vs. Sydney

In gray emergency t-shirts of the Saudi host, the German champ then attained a crystal-clear 41:23 (20: 8) versus the Australian rep Sydney College. There was no doubt regarding who would win this game, after 10 minutes it was 6-0. The SCM will play the following game on Thursday (6 p.m. CEST) against Khaled Club. And expects making use of the typical jerseys in red and green. The winner of the group of three certifies for the semi-finals on Saturday. The Australians rarely came with the SCM defensive. Magdeburg put a pace in front as well as cracked the 30 goal mark after simply 42 minutes. Added to the SCM in team A at IF Super Globe in Saudi Arabia. As well as that regardless of traveling traps including material loss. Throughout the landing, footwear, physio product and, above all, jerseys were missing out on! SC Magdeburg: Jensen, Partner (objective) master (6), Chrapkowski, Rudder (2), Kristiansen, Patterson (3), Horne (6), Weber (5), Martens (7), Saugstrup (1), O'Su

Destiny 2: How to Pass the Daughters of Of OF OF King’s Fall RAID

Those who want to get a fashion title King slayer in Destiny 2 have something to work on. They have to perform almost two dozen tests, and the guards should study not only ordinary battles in the raid of the king, but also the variations of each battle. Fortunately, such as Daughters of ONYX CHALLENGE are not so bad. Here's how to knock him out. Destiny 2 King’s Fall RAID-Construction testing The Under Construction task is extremely simple. To fulfill the guards should not stand on the same plate twice throughout the battle. With a small teamwork and some coordination, this can be completed and a triumph. We found that rotation works best. With two teams of three people, the guard can start with a plate, turn with a coating in the middle, and then switch to another plate on your side. After this circle is completed, two teams change the sides. This is provided that the plates are distributed evenly. On runs where this is not so, communication is even more important. Just keep

Modong Forest feel island decorating new work, Forestopia came out

Gravity Game Arise (GGA) released its new mobile simulation new Forestopia (English name: Forestopia). Forestopia is an island life simulation found in Gravity Indie Games, a gravity game (GGA) indie game discovery project. The uninhabited islands are filled with plants and fauna, and the main quest allows you to solve the hidden ridges on the island. It is also possible to collect resources with a puzzle-type mini-game. Gravity Game Arise (GGA) will hold a celebration event to commemorate the release of Forestopia from 4th to 20th. You can get the game items you need to decorate the island during the event, and you can also get a cute Shiva dog on the 7th. Gravity Game Arise (GGA) Producer Hashimoto Rosa said, We hope that users will be able to enjoy a comfortable time through Forestopia, which can be healed while beautifully decorated with uninhabited islands according to their tastes. We will continue to find the game so that users can experience more diverse experiences. Fo

Shenmue's anime is canceled after his first seon: goodbye to Ryo's television adventures

Hence: The Animation , the anime series bed on such an iconic video game saga work of You Suzuki , h been canceled after its first seon. This h been announced Jon DeMarco , vice president of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network , after the decision made by Warner Discovery caused by his recent restructuring. However, the animated series will run out of second seon after the broadct of its first seon at adult swim and Crunchyroll . And it does not seem that I can continue on some other platform. Goodbye to Yuri's television adventures Thus, the Hence series w broadct in February of this year 2022 through the Adult Swim and Crunchyroll platforms; Unfortunately, this anime is no longer among the catalog of the first after having disappeared next to other series such Runner: Black Lotus. Of course, for the moment it is available through Crunchyroll, although finally we will run out of continuation . Sorry boys, it happened. You can still see all the anime in Crun