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APEX LEGENDS competition scene ALGS Lower league distribution officials claim that they are working almost unpaid -Ea support is urgent.

APEX LEGENDS competition scene APEX LEGENDS GLOBAL SERIES (ALPS) Observers and casters related to the distribution of the challenger circuit argued that prices have not been paid ** I am calling.

The Challenger Circuit is located at the bottom of the professional league in ALPS and is held in parallel with each split in the professional league regular season. It is an open tournament that anyone can participate in, and if you win, you will be able to advance to the Split 2 Pro League qualifying after Split 1 or the last chance qualifying after Split 2. In other words, the player team who is active in the professional league is the first gateway to stepping on the first generation of players who are active in the professional league.

However, the distribution of these tournaments has been posted on SNS that the production budget is not given by Electronic Arts (EA), and that casters, observer, and production staff are not paid.

Similar claims have been posted and spread by many tournament operators. Loopy, a coach analyst of the professional gaming team Element 6, protested for distribution operations against the delay of payment, and said that he had a melancholy time, and he was a college leader. Using an episode taught that e-sports is like a ladder, the Apex Legends competition scene has no next step and has moved to the side.

JAKE LUCKY, owner of Full Squad Gaming, who is a spark of this topic, says that only half of the 40 teams participating in the professional league offline tournament will be able to receive travel expenses from the EA in the past. It has been a hot topic for EA's support for a long time, such as being talked about and later announcing that EA will bear the full amount.


It is one of the important factors to keep the subordinate league, not only in APEX LEGENDS, but also to further develop the competition scene, to promote the next generation of players. And it is now necessary to create it as a box office.


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