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[Review] Omni Point 2.0 upgraded! Steel Series APEX PRO TKL 2023

The reporter is generous with the keyboard choice. This is because the fragile decibel was written well, even if it was an array of Tennis, except for the high blue axis. It is a style that is not interested in convenient features or a rigid RGB LED, so it is a style that uses and uses a durable caustic product that breaks down and uses it until it is not pressed. High end? I'm using only 70,000 won keyboard.

This reduces the keyboard budget and puts strength on other products. The high-end keyboard is not bad. The reason for the reason is that as you go up to the top product, you need to have a sense of performance improvement. Rather, 'Frames Win Games' inherits Hwang's will and invests a little more in a monitor or graphics card.

Sometimes, an unimaginable product comes out and changes a little narrow perception. If my memory is right, 2019 will be right. At the time, the Steel Series's Apex Pro product was a keyboard that was sensitive. Sensitive was also a bit shocking. If you press the separate setting button, is it a technology that changes the internal spring intensity inside the switch with a sound of 'stomaching' like a transformed robot?

The transformation is no sound. Since then, I learned about the product review, but it was a fun technology that could be set freely through the 'OFNI Point' switch. You can change the input point from at least 3.6 mm to up to 0.4 mm, so if you use it well, you will be able to build your equipment in the game. If you set the input point high, you will enter 0.001 seconds faster, so the probability of winning the game will rarely be increased.

The bright color is high-end class, but if you have one such feature, it is rebuilt. As with all high-end keyboards, compared to the standard mechanical keyboard, the basic specs itself is excellent. Apex Pro also had eight times faster response speed and five times faster behavior recognition.

The OFNI Point Switch, which gave me a good impression, evolved to 2.0 and returned to the steel series Apex Pro TKL 2023 (hereinafter referred to as Apex Pro TKL). The detailed specifications and features will be described later, so if you simply take a quick look at the point, you can get 2-in-1 key input function to give two commands in one key, and reaction speed up to 11 times faster than the standard mechanical switch. It has a 10 times faster motion recognition.

Take an example of a shooting game for 2-in-1 keys. Do you want to put walking and rushing keys simultaneously in Shift? You can walk when you press the 2-in-1 key to walk when you press it deeply. Grenade mounting (G-key shallow), grenade pin drawing (Guile) is also possible. Let's apply in other genres. Technology 1-Technology 2 Combos can be placed in one key and the same key is pressed to activate technology and deeper to activate technology 2. It is not the right answer to the last, but it is used.

I don't need everything and expect an intuitive effect? Of course there. As you have already described the product name earlier, you would have already noticed. Steel Series Apex Pro TKL, Tennis. If you are a full-arrangement Apex Pro user, you will be in the entire position of chewing sweet potatoes with boxes and drinking cider.

One more good news. While the existing Apex Pro has only wired, the Apex Pro TKL is not only a wire but also a wireless version to expand the options, and it is a drought-like bee for wireless users.

Neat Vicky Style, Tennis design optimized for gamers

Steel series Apex Pro TKL 2023

Keyboard type: Tennis gaming keyboard

** Wired method: Wired

key arrangement: 84 keys

Switch: Steel Series omnipotent 2.0 (OFNI point)

**Switch life and reaction speed: 100 million key press / 0.54ms

Keyboard structure: Step Culture 2 / Vicky Style / Hot Swap (Switch replacement)

key cap material: PBT double injection key cap

Compatible device: PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation

Software Support: Steel series Engine

Cable: USB c to a fabric cable

Size and weight: 355 x 128 x 42 (mm) / 960g

Component: Keyboard body / removable cable / key cap remover / palm rest / manual

Steel series Apex Pro TKL Wireless 2023

Keyboard type: Tennis gaming keyboard

Connection method: Wired + Wireless + Bluetooth (5.0)

** Battery: Built-in / Up to 40 hours lasts

key arrangement: 84 keys

Switch: Steel Series omnipotent 2.0 (OFNI point)

**Switch life and reaction speed: 100 million key press / 0.54ms

Keyboard structure: Step Culture 2 / Vicky Style / Hot Swap (Switch replacement)

key cap material: PBT double injection key cap

Compatible device: PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation

Software Support: Steel series Engine

Cable: USB c to a fabric cable

Size and weight: 355 x 128 x 42 (mm) / 1070g

Component: Keyboard body / removable cable / wireless dongle / key cap remover / palm rest / manual

It's a bit decenter than a slender and colorful design unique to gaming. Palm Rest, which has a magnet added, relieves the fatigue of the user's wrist using a long time and helps to hold the right wrist position. In addition, the PBT double injection key cap is applied, so the RGB LED permeability is weak, but it is a Vicky style with no top housing.

In addition, I used a few key caps using the key cap remover behind the main body of the wired keyboard, and it was confirmed that the combination of OFNI Point 2.0 and linear accumulation in the same generation as the previous generation product. The function key (F1 ~ F12) and the navigation key are composed of linear accumulation, and the rest is the OFNI Point 2.0 switch. The switch is divided into two types, so the sense of riding is not easy, but it was a pity that the arrow-direction key was included as a linear accumulation. Because of the game of several genres, the arrow direction key is used.

It also has durability and convenience. Apex Pro TKL is a rather rough surface with an aluminum alloy frame, but it is so solid. Thanks to this, the keyboard itself is light, and there is little throughout. In addition, three-speed adjustable height functions are particularly well-matched with the Step Culture 2 design, and various information can be obtained through the OLED smart display in the upper right corner. As described later, the steel series GG software setting allows you to check your system temperature, discoed message or game information. It's a little funny to see the monitor and drop your eyes down towards the keyboard without a break, but it's better than you.

It is only a wired product that showed this far. Wireless products contain dongles, so the packaging is slightly different from the wired, and there are some differences in different places. The other features and designs are the same as the wired, so I'll just look at the difference.

Shall we speed up to the steel series GG

Performance is the best! But I can't stop the rising exchange rate.

Design, finishing, and performance are high-ends. In particular, R company's Huntsman comes to mind in that Tennis, Vicky Style, and Double injection PBT key caps are applied, and Palm Rest is provided. However, it is a big difference in design, and it is a big difference that you can make the best setting for your taste. Isn't the equipment that fits my hand is the best performance?

The Steel Series Apex Pro TKL is equipped with the OFNI Point 2.0 switch, which is up to 11 times faster and 10 times faster than a regular mechanical keyboard. The previous work (midpoint switch) is a significant improvement in the response speed and five times fast operation recognition.

In addition, OFNI Point 2.0 is a distance from 0.2 mm to 3.8 mm to recognize the key input, and there is an operating point per 0.1 mm, so you can set the key recognition point at the desired point of the 37 users. In addition, the merit is that various settings can be used the 2-in-1 key, which allows two commands to allocate two commands.

Disadvantages are prices and adaptation. The wireless version is 39,900 won and the wired version is 32,900 won based on the lowest price of the Internet. The recommended consumer price itself is $189.99, but the price has jumped due to the recent rise in exchange rates.


I have a personal car, but I think it will take some time to adapt to the OFNI point 2.0 feature. Because of the short use time, the reporter made a mistake in the game. However, as soon as I adapted to this keyboard, I would like to say that the utilization through it is endless.

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