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Shenmue's anime is canceled after his first seon: goodbye to Ryo's television adventures

Hence: The Animation , the anime series bed on such an iconic video game saga work of You Suzuki , h been canceled after its first seon. This h been announced Jon DeMarco , vice president of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network , after the decision made by Warner Discovery caused by his recent restructuring. However, the animated series will run out of second seon after the broadct of its first seon at adult swim and Crunchyroll . And it does not seem that I can continue on some other platform.


Goodbye to Yuri's television adventures

Thus, the Hence series w broadct in February of this year 2022 through the Adult Swim and Crunchyroll platforms; Unfortunately, this anime is no longer among the catalog of the first after having disappeared next to other series such Runner: Black Lotus. Of course, for the moment it is available through Crunchyroll, although finally we will run out of continuation .

Sorry boys, it happened. You can still see all the anime in Crunchyroll and will continue for digital sale. And yes, it seems that there will be no seon 2 of Hence , even if he did it well enough, and we were preparing for her. Maybe someday ..., Demarcco h written citing the CN news/schedules about Hence's cancellation: The Animation. Of course, open the door to continue in the future on some other platform, although it is very unlikely to happen.

Recall that Hence w born in 2000 for Dream ct a revolutionary action adventure that opted for total immersion through its peculiar psage of time. Soon a sequel would arrive, both for the Sega and Xbox console, although sales never finished accompanying. It w not until 2019 when Hence 3 w launched to the market for PC and PS4, although with a very cold reception by criticism and public.


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