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10 games like Fallout 3 if you are looking for something similar

Even after more than a decade, Fallout 3 remains a different game than most of those that exist. Summat of content and the opportunity of a post-demo-religalptic adventure in an open world, is the change of direction that the Fallout series needed and continues to influence the course of the following deliveries. However, if you have fed up with the game and want to diversify in a new but familiar experience, we are here to help you with 10 games like Fallout 3 if you are looking for something similar .

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda key art

Although it may not be as gloomy and desolate as the Fallout series, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the closest thing to the experience of Fallout 3 in terms of the game you can get. Imagine, considering that both were developed by Bethesda.

As a character created, you have the task of discovering the cause behind the return of the dragons to the icy Nordic homeland of Skyrim and discovering how they play in all this. To that end, they release you in an expanding fantasy world full of magic, danger and secret treasures, free to choose where you are going and how you want to interact with the open world that presents you.

This could mean embarking on the main mission, in which your character obtains the power of Dragon Shouts to change the course of a war against the world's diatonic rulers, absent for a long time. It could also mean wandering the Earth in search of random views and challenges, most of which hide riches and lost artifacts have long since made your character a formidable wandering of the roads.

It all depends on you, and with the considerable DLC Dragon born included in most of the current versions of the title, it will surely be a game that will absorb you for a long time.

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Project Red's key art

Although he took a lot of patches and the exaggeration generated by Cyberpunk Edge runners to get there, Cyberpunk 2077 is easily one of the best open world experiences of the current generation of consoles.

This is due in large part to the fact that it has a completely done environment that easily exceeds the bombarded ruins of DC of Fallout 3. Every centimeter of the Night City dystopian metropolis feels alive And they would continue to thrive long after you have fun with the game.

Not to mention the rest of the title. There are many missions to undertake, and most of them offer fun or interesting views of the culture and life of people who have to exist within the world of the game. There is also a metric ton of battles in which to participate and skills to customize your character so that your cyberpunk feels as individualized and unique as your globetrotter lonely during its adventures through its adventures through Wasteland.

It is the main open world experience for which Fallout 3 laid the bases, and it is an easy option if you are looking for a game to scratch the same itching.

Red Dead Redemption 2

screen capture through Rock star

Although the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 has been praised a lot, his open world is the true show of shows and an attractive safe for anyone who has enjoyed wandering for Wasteland capital of Fallout 3.

Set in the last days of the Wild West, the stage is full of secrets and stories to discover. An abandoned cabin could contain evidence of a dead cult and its beliefs; Or it could house a monstrosity of members of sewn animals together, its creator a madman of the same mind as Dr. Frankenstein. Other times, there may be a note in the body of a deceased victim of the violence of the West. They could have been on their way to meet their future girlfriend, or to dig up a treasure that was believed to be lost with the death of its owner.

And that is just what you can find exploring in your free time. If you choose to participate in the main story, you will be invited to a horsepower of strange and wonderful views and scenarios, all while you see the world turn, change and function before your own eyes.

All this is combined with battles for survival against bandits, wild animals and much more, which makes it an adventure that can attract you for hours in the same way that Fallout 3 does and something else.

Kens hi

screen capture through Lo-Fi Games

Few Games have presented to the players a living and throbbing moor as Kens hi does, and Fallout 3 fans will be delighted with the level of interaction it offers.

Kens hi, a multiplayer role-playing play set in a post-apocalyptic moor, gives the players and their friends the freedom to become the type of survivor they would like to be. If you are attracted to wandering through the moors in search of other survivors and convince them to establish a peaceful colony, you can do it and create a completely new city from the ashes of civilization. Or, if you lean more to govern the moors violently, you can become an itinerant assailant and form a banded band that no one can face.

This adds to the interactions that it will have with different assault groups, which can determine the longevity of the survival of that tribe. It makes the world much more affected by your choices, and that it is much more fun to continue playing for days and days. It is very similar to how the karmic elections held in Fallout 3 could impact the wider moor, except in a more continuous and fluid way that can be seen while playing.

In addition, thanks to a series of excellent modifications that can be downloaded in the game, the variety that can be injected into each game session has no limits.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Project Red's key art

Like Fallout 3, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and their DLC are intrinsically designed around their secondary missions and the entertainment they provide.

Set in the interdimensional melting known as the continent, the mythical people and creatures live in a fragile coexistence that can be broken at any time. As the Witch Gerald of Trivia, the player's work is to help those in need when such destruction occurs and, as a result, they are dragged into a series of small problems or dilemmas on the road to their main objective.

However, this is the best, since each secondary mission is based on the world that surrounds the player, as Fallout did 3. Discover why the child's child of a baron became a demon when he died, or the true Intentions of an old woman in the forest, is as exciting as helping the last violinist in the Apocalypse or a random merchant who needs supplies.

The battles for survival with fantastic monsters along the way are only based on this similar sensation, making each new information or mission be won and increasing its desire to participate in another task as soon as possible.


Key Art by Arcane Studios and Bethesda

10 Although it is not an open world experience like other entries in this list, Dishonored provides a similar atmosphere and a feeling of observing the consequences of a crisis as Fallout 3 does.

Each new unlocked area provides new clues about what happened in the months or years prior to what surrounds you. An old newspaper can tell the quarantine hostile methods used by the Government, more shocking by the struggle and conflict signs that surround it. Meanwhile, an audio recording could deepen the reasons for a corrupt politician to usurp the throne of the former queen and reveal what betrayal still has under the sleeve.

Infected citizens and hostile guards also provide a great substitute for the most hostile inhabitants of the Fallout Parade 3. They vary greatly in their strength, attack method and how they can be treated, they can make you feel as an unwanted element that has to fight for his survival and as a stealth master who has his destiny in the palm of your hand.

Meanwhile, the stealthy action gameplay and science fiction elements combine as well as those of Fallout 3, and keep the game entertaining enough to want to remain in the world as long as possible.

Metro: Exodus

4th Games key art

Metro: Exodus, the third installment of the Metro series, is based on what the first two games did well to provide an even better immersion in their post-apocalyptic world. After the events of the first two games, the protagonist Arty om prepares to demonstrate that there are still survivors outside the Moscow subway.

This does not take much time, since it quickly discovers that the signals around the world were being blocked by a faction still unknown. Arty om then undertakes a trip through Russia, anxious to meet other survivors and potentially revive the hopes of humanity to rebuild after the Apocalypse.


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