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God of War Ragnarok: How to visit Angrboda and Fenrir in Jotunhein after the end of the game?

Atreus separates from Rates at the end of God of War Ragnarök, as he goes out on a mission to find other giants. At this point the god of war finally understands that his son has grown and must go his own way. From then on it is Freya who accompanies us in our missions. Nevertheless, it is possible to visit Anybody in the Iron Grove in Rotunda.

How to get to Rotunda with Rates

Unlocking the way to Rotunda will be a very simple task that will not require any greater effort from players... except for being mandatory to have killed Odin.

  • Complete the main story
  • Go to Sindhi's house
  • Call Rotator throwing the ax in the bell
  • He will talk to you, and thank you for your services to the kingdoms
  • Ratios will leave a seed on the table
  • This seed allows you to travel to Rotunda in mystical portals

Mimic says Atreus likes Anybody

Unlocking Rotunda is not a mission and gives him no rewards or trophies, but it is an enriching point in the history of the game, especially with the dialogues with Anybody. At one point Mimic tells the giant that Atreus likes her, but it seems that she was already aware, after all, she already knew the future and in Nordic mythology she is Loki's wife.


It is possible to look at the murals, make affection in Henri and have some dialogues with Anybody. Although we don't find Atreus there, it is a bonus in the plot. It will not be possible to explore the place beyond the giant's house, as Loki did before.

Apparently is in Rotunda that Atreus is living, but he also returns to his Midgard cabin and leaves memories there for his father and Mimic. Just go back to the house in the wild woods to see this scene.


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