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11 Best Actions In Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG

Genius Invocation TCG from Genshin Impact offers players to configure their opponents duel deck. While the characters' cards do a lot of work, causing the reaction of the elements for damage, the action map also play a huge role in the game. These are support cards that can do a lot for your course, from changing the cubes of the elements to the destruction of the call, the transfer of energy and much more. Here are the 11 best actions in Genius Invocation TCG and ways to use them to win.

Best Actions for Genius Invocation TCG-Genshin Impact

In random order, here are our best elections that will benefit almost any setting of the deck. But keep in mind that although they can change the situation in your favor, they do not necessarily guarantee victory. In addition, do not forget that several identical action cards can be added to one deck.

The best fellow traveler!

Daemon is not only the best companion in the journey, but also the best TCG companion. This action card will convert two identical cubes of elements in two cubes of OMN, and will enter into force immediately. This is a great way to recover after an unsuccessful throw of bones. This card can be obtained by completing tasks in TCG Player Manual.


While the main base of players loves to patronize Timmy and its pigeons, its action map can come in handy when you are in a difficult position. After activation, Timmy will receive one round. After three rounds, the card is automatically reset. In return, you will take one random map of action and create one OFNI cube. This card can be obtained by winning the adventure test of Timmy and having bought cards in the store.

leave it to me!

The change of characters is considered a combat action, which means that after that your move automatically ends. However, leave it to me! It turns the characters switching into a quick action, which means that you can make another move after switching. This is incredibly useful, as you can create elements reactions in one move. Before using this card, make sure that you have enough elements cubes so as not to waste them. This card can be obtained by unlocking the SKI Genius Invocation and having bought cards in the store.


The Catherine card has an effect, leave it similar to me!, In which it turns the characters switching into a quick effect instead of combat action. The main difference is that you need to sacrifice two identical dice of elements in order to activate this card. However, the transformation of the character change into a quick action is extremely effective, so it is always useful to have as many cards as possible with this effect. This card can be obtained by buying it in a card store.


Jade Chamber

The jade chamber full of wealth can compensate for your terrible throws. Spend one cube of elements to use this card, and it will remain active until the end of the duel. After its use, all the spin phases guarantee that two elementals cubes will always correspond to the type of elemental of your active character. Thus, you will never lose the move! This card can be obtained by buying it in a card store.

Liben is one of the most beloved NPCs in Genshin Impact, and for that, good reasons.

Its action card is free for activation and will collect unused cubes of the elements after the final phase, but not more than one on the element. As soon as he collects three cubes of the elements, the card will disappear, and you take two random maps of action and create two OMN cubes. This card can be obtained by buying it in a card store. You can buy up to two.

Library of Knights Livonia

To activate the library of the fins knights, one cube of elements is required. This will allow you to throw one cube of the elemental for the round and will give another chance of a repeated throw on each phase of the throw. This means that you can replay twice, and not once! The most pleasant thing is that the card remains active until the end of the duel. This card can be obtained by buying it in a card store. You can buy up to two.


The strategy is extremely simple. Activation costs one cube of elements, and in return you get two random maps of actions. The presence of more cards in your active deck is always useful, since even unnecessary cards can help to convert bones using Elemental Tuning. This card can be obtained by unlocking the SKI Genius Invocation and having bought cards in the store.

Art of Talks

Using any ordinary attack or element skills in the Genius Invocation SKI will give an active character one energy. But to launch elementary reactions, you will need to constantly switch active characters, which makes it difficult to obtain a sufficient amount of energy for their explosion. Class Arts helps transfer one energy from two characters to an active character. Activation costs only one cube of elements and works immediately.

This card can be obtained by unlocking the SKI Genius Invocation and having bought cards in the store.

when the crane returned

When the crane returned is a useful action map, the activation of which costs one cube of elements. After using the skill, the active character will switch to the next character. In its list (from left to right). This allows you to change active characters without sacrificing the course. However, you need to make sure that your characters cards are located in accordance with the reaction of the elements that you want to call. This card can be obtained by unlocking the SKI Genius Invocation and having bought cards in the store.

Zodiac signs

To activate the action card Star signs requires one elemental cube. In return, your active character will receive one energy. This is extremely useful when you only need the last energy to activate the Elemental Burst Character maps. This card can be obtained by buying it in a card store. Check out our guidance on how to get and use cards in Genshin Impact Genius Invocation TCG here in Pro Game Guides to set up your cards shirts.


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