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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Tips For Beginners And Returning Players

Witcher 3: Wild hunting is a large-scale role-playing game with the open world, filled with quests, magicians for romantic relationships and monsters that you need to fight. CD Project Red has released the next generation update, which adds several graphic improvements and new content inspired by the series Witcher from Netflix. Witcher 3 may be a complex game; Here are the best tips for beginners and returning players in The Witcher 3.

Best Tips for Witcher 3

  • LUT all except before the protection.
  • Craft and alchemy are important parts of the game, you will need the components that you will find on your journey.
  • Modernization of roach is important. You can find Niflhaardian bags of a prisoner merchant Early.
  • Drive bags increase the maximum loading capacity of the heralded.
  • The saddle increases the endurance of roach, how long the roach can jump.
  • Shores increase the level of fear of roach, not allowing the tissue to panic next to enemies.
  • The use of potions increases the level of toxicity.


You can lose the level of toxicity by drinking a potion of white honey. OPENS and Florence currency that you will receive, but cannot use.

Talk to Vivaldi at Vivaldi Bank in NORAD to exchange them for crowns. Crafts are necessary to improve herald. Swords can be made at the blacksmiths. Armor can be made from gunsmiths. Witcher Gear-the the best equipment in the game. Complete the hunt for garbage to find new items. Parse the trash, and do not sell it on useful components for alchemy and craft. Alchemy allows you to create bombs, oils and potions. Bombs can be thrown into enemies. Oils can be applied to weapons to obtain bonuses to damage when using the right oil. Potions can be consumed to give passive buffs and restore health. Check the bestiary before fighting the monster because of its vulnerabilities. They can provide a significant increase in damage before a heavy battle. You can treat meditating (on lower difficulties) using a swallow pot or drinking and drinking. The gourmet skill increases the restoration of vitality from food and drinks up to 20 minutes, and not up to 10 seconds.

Explanation of Signs in the Witcher 3

Signs are a form of magic in the Witcher universe, which only witches can use. Gerald has five signs that can be used in battle and outside the battle for various purposes. Signs: AWARD: Discard in battle. It can be used outside the battle to extinguish fires or the destruction of damaged walls and floors. Kenny: A fiery sign that can set fire to enemies and throw them back. He can also ignite combustible gases to create explosions. It can be used outside the battle to light torches or bonfires. Arden: A magic trap on the ground, which slows down the enemies that came inside. Arden is best used against ghost monsters. Queen: a protective shield around Gerald, preventing damage during action. Cassius: imposes damage to enemies, which can temporarily stun them. It can be used in dialogs outside the battle. Want to know more about the Witcher 3? If so, get acquainted with the section What does it mean to imitate the saving data of Witcher 2 in Witcher 3? In professional game guidelines.


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