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The Zelda Games Nintendo Of America Has Canceled

For days ago, Zelda's titles have caused controversy in the YouTube environment, since channels like Did You know gaming have reported the existence of canceled games of the franchise. In their documentaries, conceptual arts of the games have even been added, and that led at the time that Nintendo throws the videos. In fact, these are three titles of the saga that never saw the light of day even for the specialized press, the first one was going to be an adaptation that would use the benefits of the Super Nintendo Super FX chip. Another of them was Zelda Treasure Tracker, which in the end was Captain Toad and the last is Urey Zelda, the final version of Ocarina of Time. The one that most attracts the attention of all games is the Super Nintendo, since it would give new life to The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, fulfilling as a kind of remake for it. However, in the end it was not launched because it would be a late form in the console, so they best focused on projects such as Star Fox 64.


Surely this last title for which Nintendo blocked the user's video, since the other caused Zelda has already been known for a long time, this through magazine captures for Urey Zelda, and Treasure Tracker mentioned that it was designed to be a Zelda when Interviews were made to the Captain Toad work team years ago. Via: Nintendo Editor's note: It would have been interesting to have more material from said Zelda, because the truth, this game of NEW needs to retouch urgently, even more than the first installment of the console.


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