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February 2023's 12 Best Seeds in Minecraft 1.19.60 | Find Diamonds, Hidden Areas, and New Homes!

Minecraft's seeds are useful tools that can generate players in a specific location, be it a hidden diamond area or a new place to call home. So, if you want to try something new, we will show you the 12 best seeds for Minecraft 1.19.60. We will also update this guide monthly to provide the most recent content and make sure it works for the current version of the game.

high island

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed:-8064232370401033812 The Reddit fragrant_result_186 user met this elevated island that is excellent for the best survival players. While in this area, you can establish a base on top and gather resources by going to the caves. But, if you need to collect other materials, there are multiple biomes around this destination, including a town in 656, 62, 230 and a ruin in the ocean with a chest in 307, 62, 323.

The colossal looting post

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed: 5435599396249318685 Speaking of high constructions, you can see this advanced position of Pillager, which was found by Reddit user Tommy101ABC. You can use this structure already made to make your own home, as well as collect materials from the upper floor chests. Players can also find two villages in 93, 106, 166 (directly in front of the advanced post) and 127, 72,-252. Finally, you can get a treasure in the ruins' portal in 77, 87, 18.

on the lush mountain

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed:-3287822446893397 Coordinates:-257, 116, 115 TikTok Manpixelmc user seed has an impressive landscape that combines two biomes: Snowy Tundra and Cuevas. Once inside, players can explore an exuberant cave with Glow Berries illuminated and colorful Spore Blossoms. Then, you can travel a little more to meet a Deep Dark biome and acquire Scull blocks, such as sensors, catalyst and shrinkers.

Diamonds in abundance

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed: 2023 Coordinates: 1637,-59, 1939 Diamonds are one of the most wanted resources in Minecraft due to their rare generation rate and its great durability. Players can use these minerals to create enchantment tables, armor and powerful tools that are strong enough to break the obsidian. That said, you can consult this seed of the Reddit Red bean user 0121, which presents a large amount of this diamond mineral. Once the players enter the coordinates, they will be taken to this location, where the extraction process can begin immediately.

A closed mountain town

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed:-1541124385142397106 Coordinates: 105, 96, 330 Those looking for an isolated area in the mountains should definitely check this seed for Minecraft 1.19.60. In this region, you can live in a great town and harvest some ingredients of the garden, such as wheat and beet. The players will also be protected from the monsters thanks to the surrounding mountain land, but be sure to place some torches to prevent enemies from appearing in darker areas. Since there are so many trees in this seed from Minecraft, you will never run out of wood, which can be used to expand even more the construction of the village. In addition, players can find a huge cave near and dig up some very necessary resources, such as iron, coal and many more.

The huge ancient city

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed: 76517363 Coordinates: 985,-36,-957 The ancient city was first introduced into the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update, showing a new area within the Deep Dark Biome. These locations can be difficult to find, but this Minecraft seed of the Reddit user, Boris, facilitates the procedure when generating players near a huge strength. While you explore this destination, you can open chests to claim resources or improve your statistics by demolishing monsters in the zombie generator.

Utopia of the town

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed:-4442460253584482481 Coordinates of the People 1: 806, 71, 749 People's coordinates 2: 1194, 108, 729 People's coordinates 3: 796, 86, 272

This Minecraft seed has three very close villages, where players can establish their basis of operations at the top of a huge mountain. With so many settlements, you can assign several works to different characters and possibly create your own city. The first two villages are quite close to each other, including valuable agricultural and mineral resources of the nearby caves. Then, you can travel to the third settlement in Snowy Tundra and stay hot in the comfortable cabins.

A mangrove without limits

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed: 249386829365641221 Like ancient cities, the biome of the mangrove swamp can be relatively difficult to locate due to the mechanics of random mane craft maps. However, when players discover these places, they can have a much smaller size compared to other biomes of the game. So, to help with this event, you can use this seed to directly generate in a huge swamp full of mangroves, frogs and mud. Mangrove swamps are also the perfect area for people who prefer secret bases, in which trees and vines can use to cover their home.

The definitive mine well

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed: 867677604900324654 The Reddit User Cynix747 found this extensive seed of Mine shaft 1.19.60 with a ridiculously long road full of treasures, including enchanted apples, iron mineral and lapislázuli. When players enter the tunnels, they can spend hours exploring the intricate design of this structure while collecting resources from various places. In addition, if you find some monsters, you can use the open space of this Mine shaft to demolish them efficiently.

A Forest Woodland mansion with views

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed:-8024307144953402722 Coordinates: 168, 100, 120 For more experienced players, you can try this Woodland Mansion seed to get valuable treasures and defeat mobs.


The players will also find several trapped allays, who are adorable creatures that will collect and deliver articles. However, beginners in the game must prepare for battle before entering this building because, without a doubt, there will be a lot of looters and monsters in this base. After clearing the area, you can take care of this establishment for your new home with an impressive view of the sea and the forest.

Spruce Village Island

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed:-8359609476695110720 When you want to get away from everything, you can use this Gamernerdguy seed to generate a remote island of town of Abstains. In this peninsula, players can trade with residents, harvest pumpkins and melt minerals with the high oven. In addition, this destination is well protected by the body of water that surrounds it and the iron golem that patrols the island.

The mega lands Baldies

Image source: screenshot through Moving Studios Seed: 5885969244466 This monumental seed of Badlands Minecraft of the TikTok Peekaboo user covers many natural resources, such as terracotta, red sand and cactus. You can use terracotta to create unique designs, since these types of blocks have a variety of colored patterns. For example, Cyan Glazed Terracotta shows the contour of a Creeper face, while Magenta Glazed Terracotta shows a distinctive arrow symbol. That is done by our selections of the 12 best seeds for Minecraft 1.19.60. If you want to see more landscapes highlighted in the game, you can check our guides on the best Xbox 1.19 seeds. Be sure to explore the relevant links below to get additional Minecraft content. Related Posts What does Smite do in Minecraft? Answered What do flames in Minecraft, explained Underwood Camp of Minecraft free downloadable content allows you to explore the forest, fight against monsters and more How to raise flames in Minecraft Minecraft Seed Mapper: How to see seed maps


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