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Exploring the Best Class and Loadout for Destiny 2: Lightfall

Having a discussion about the best class and loading for Destiny 2: Nightfall will surely disgust some feathers. That said, this author turns out to be a main sorcerer, so objectively, I would think that sorcerers are the best class to play in Destiny 2. However, each class alone is able to make their way through the legendary version of the Nightfall campaign. What is really about the preference of the player that can help to give fans the advantage they need to overcome the difficult content. That said, here is a compilation for each class that can help address the campaign in Destiny 2: Nightfall.

Best Witch Team for Destiny 2 Nightfall

Image Source: The sorcerers are the spatial magician version of a guardian and, as such, have access to many powerful skills and have the ability to slide through the air.


Players who want to choose the sorcerer should use the Dawn blade subclass with the super equipped Well of Radiance. This will give them the ability not only to distribute damage, but also to advance in the most difficult sections of the game with the well. Depending on the player's preference, they can use Healing Grenade if they fight to survive, or use Grenade fusion to damage. That said, the recommended team is as follows: Automatic rifle or SMG (medium-long range) Sniper rifle (long range) Lanzacohetes with follow-up (Heavy Damage) While the exact load will vary according to what players prefer, this author found himself using the exotic Rifle Quicksilver Storm during much of the legendary (solo) campaign. This is because this automatic rifle allows players to quickly inflict damage to a single target with bullets, search minicohetes and grenades. Because of this, much of the special and heavy ammunition can be saved to feed the bosses. For armor, The Stag combined with low resilience activates the advantage of the helm of the helm, causing an almost perpetual crack, which can increase the damage or cure the player. Combined with the reduced damage received from The Stag, players can easily regroup after killing some enemies.

The best titan load for Destiny 2 Nightfall

Image Source: Titans love to hit things, and that is what makes them excel from others. However, the best construction to make their way through Nightfall will be the Sun breaker subclass. This is due to its incredible healing combined with mass damage. Using the exotic and Lorelei Splendor exotic can automatically activate a sunscreen when it receives enough damage, and standing in sun spots will cure the player. This, combined with restoration, can cause players to hit the hammer to the objectives over and over again until they are defeated. While the Titans with the Sun breaker subclass can certainly excel a short distance, they can also bring pain from afar depending on their equipment. A well-balanced load to pass the campaign is: Shotgun (short distance) Pulse or automatic rifle (medium-long range) Linear fusion rifle or launcher (heavy damage) While the load is quite interchangeable, if the players have it, the Vex Osteoclast combined with the construction and the ability to cause great damage from afar, it can help eliminate the annoying bosses behind the roof. With the healing of Lorelei Splendor, the guardians should not have much to worry about, as long as they do not feel too confident and maintain their level of power under control.

Best Hunter Armament for Destiny 2 Nightfall

Hunters are probably the easiest class for solo content, particularly in the NightS talker subclass. Due to the ability to become invisible, guardians who are cornered or overloaded can simply disappear and reposition to continue sweeping their enemies. Perhaps one of the best exotic to use to survive is Worm husk Crown. This is because when the dodge player can heal a little. Combined with the ability to become invisible, this can greatly increase survival capacity. For weapons, players can use any load they prefer, however, a balanced load as the following can be powerful: Hand cannon (medium-long range) Sniper rifle (long range) Sword (strong damage)

The reason for this burden is that players can reposition themselves to align critical blows with both the hand cannon and the sniper rifle. This means that they can do even more damage. The sword is also useful to become invisible in the fray and then kill some enemies in seconds with fast cuts of the sword. While it may not be the most target option, King Rat with catalyst, combined with the NightS talker hunter can make the hunter almost always invisible unless he is attacking. Combined with the healing of the Rating King catalyst, players should have a very easy time to survive all blows, except the strongest. However, if players choose to follow this route, they will want to make sure they have some powerful backup weapons to cause great damage to the bosses, since King Rat is not exactly a power. While there is not exactly a better class or armament for Destiny 2 Nightfall, players should choose with what they feel more comfortable. While some weapons can be better than others, if a player does not feel comfortable with them, it may not be the best for them. In a nutshell, have fun, play with your favorite class and enjoy the incredible campaign.

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